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Hep₂O Underfloor heating has solutions for any project, large or small. We offer offer a comprehensive range of services to support you before, during and after installation. We have systems for all floor types so whether it is new build or retrofit we can help you find the right solution.


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System Information

System Plates for Screeded Floor

System Plates are for general use, suiting both liquid and conventional screeds. The sheets are laid over insulation and the heating pipe is pushed into the clips within them. This helps ensure regular pipe spacing.

Staples System for Screeded Floor

In this system the heating pipe is stapled to insulation prior to screeding, which offers total flexibility of heating pipe layout. This system is particularly useful for irregular areas.

Low-Build Panel Systems

The low-build systems are for fitting on top of an existing floor and are a great solution for retro-fit projects, where build height is critical. Choose from:

  • 15mm LowBuild Max, no diffuser plates needed, durable - tile straight onto the panels (10mm pipe)

  • 15mm ultra slim insulation panels, with metal diffuser plates pre-fitted (10mm pipe)

  • 25mm floating floor option, for longer circuit lengths and multiple zones (15mm pipe, diffuser plates separate)

Panel Systems for Joisted Floors

This system is for suitable for joisted or battened floor constructions. The panels can be installed from above or below. The 340mm wide panel slots between evenly spaced joists at 400mm centres. Diffuser plates should be ordered separately.

Diffuser Plates

We also supply packs of Diffuser plates. These are metal plates with a channel for 15mm pipe, which are fitted over the insulation layer and disperse the heat from the pipe across the floor.

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