Wavin TreeTank

Let's bring the trees back to the cities

City dwellers are exposed to a number of environmental problems caused by climate change, such as thermal stress and air pollution. One of the key elements alleviating these problems is vegetation, especially trees. Trees produce oxygen, improve air quality, provide shade and reduce the effects of global warming. They contribute to the health and well-being of the people who work and live in cities. Landscape architects and city authorities realize how much good greenery can do for a city. More and more city planners recognize the importance of investing in the sustainable development of trees and are looking for new solutions. TreeTanks are a new proposal from Wavin, thanks to which greenery in cities can develop without any obstacles damaging the surrounding roads and pavements, and city residents can reap the rewards of living in areas rich in greenery.

Wavin TreeTank in practice

The Wavin TreeTank system has been installed in the city of Hasselt in Belgium. Like many other cities, Hasselt strives for as much greenery as possible within the city. Hence, the city decided to use the Wavin TreeTank solution to plant 86 new trees. Case study