Rainwater & Stormwater

Rainwater drainage


Climate change brings intense rainfall. This means increased threat of urban flooding, creating a greater demand for improved rainwater and stormwater drainage solutions. In the UK, as in many other Northern European countries, an efficient and well-maintained rainwater collection and drainage system is essential.

Wavin manufactures a wide range of plastic rainwater and stormwater harvesting drainage pipe systems for industrial, commercial and residential industries.

Roof Drainage

From half-round guttering that integrates seamlessly to residential, commercial and industrial buildings, to roof drainage systems for flat roofs and complex roof areas, we offer a wide range of solutions to capture rainwater.

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Surface Drainage

Osma drainage channel

Surface water is any water which can be found on top of the Earth’s surface. This normally applies to rivers, ponds, lakes and streams, as well as other sources, but it can also be a term used when talking about rainwater that has already fallen to the ground. Our range of channel drains and gullies help you manage surface water efficiently by collecting and transporting excess water on roads, car parks or industrial sites.

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Subsurface Conveyance

Your stormwater management system must drain and transport surplus water whatever the volume or flow. With Wavin plastic drainage pipes and connection components, you optimise rainwater drainage and transport to meet the toughest regulatory obligations.

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Attenuate & infiltrate

Aquacell teaser

An attenuation/infiltration tank or "rainwater soakaway" is an underground container to which all the surface water from your roof guttering, downpipes, surface water gullies and channel drains can be fed to and stored until it can naturally soak into the surrounding ground.Handle peaks in rainfall and minimize the risk of flood damage.

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Increasingly, regulation requires you to remove pollutants from collected rainwater before discharge. Pollutants include oil, sand and silt and heavy metals. Wavin can give you both the expert advice and the solutions you need to meet all compliance obligations.

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