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Soakaway crates for Attenuation and Infiltration

Wavin AquaCell units are a tried and tested modular technique for managing excessive rainfall and can be assembled to create an underground structure as either a temporary attenuation tank or infiltration soakaway.

What are soakaway crates/attenuation tanks?

Soakaway crates, also known as attenuation tanks or stormwater crates, are interlocking crate systems that allow surface water to be stored and gradually released back to the ground or sewer network slowly. Attenuation and infiltration can help to control the level of surface water, especially in areas prone to flooding or heavy rains. 

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Learn more about designing geocellular structures as part of a SuDS scheme.

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Cheshire Redrow case study

Redrow and civil engineering contractor, Stuart Bowler Contractors, worked with Wavin to design and install a tailored Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS) utilising the manufacturer’s AquaCell range.

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