Our commitment to

Carbon Net Zero


We are committed to reaching carbon net zero in 2050 in line with the government target and are proud to have been awarded the status of Construct Zero Industry Business champion by the Construction Leadership Council.



We have a clear ambition to lead the industry in sustainability by 2025 and as part of this we have a clear commitment to helping to reduce emissions in the built environment. In line with government targets we aim to be carbon net zero by 2050. We have a clear strategy and roadmap to get to this destination and our efforts have been recognised with us being named a Construct Zero Industry Business Champion in June 2021.

In terms of recognition, Wavin UK’s efforts in the following areas were highlighted:

- Reducing carbon in our products, manufacture and distribution

- Moving towards a fully electric car fleet

- Manufacturing sites running on 100% renewable energy

- 40% of forklift fleet using Bio LPG

- Transporting products in the most sustainable way

- Managing the full lifecycle of products with around 30% of products currently manufactured from recycled material


We look forward to playing our part with other Construct Zero Industry Business Champions to help to build a bigger cross-industry movement that will share knowledge and learnings related to carbon reduction programmes.