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Our ActivPartnering team is conversant with all aspects of our product range and can assist with questions on system design, installation and product suitability, no matter what the application.

A constructive approach to water management

In every construction project, water management is one of the essential elements that everybody has to contend with. ActivPartnering™ is a dedicated support service created by Wavin – a global leader in plastic pipe systems – to add value, reduce risk, save time and optimise the outcomes for all water systems on site. Coordinated by our dedicated project partnering team, it enables every engaged professional, from conception to completion, to complement their expertise with our vast experience and know-how.

Invaluable CPD sessions

You + us = better

Sharing our specialist know-how is a founding principle of ActivPartnering, including technical tools to aid system design, specifications and performance. At our own training academy, or at partner sites, we can deliver a broad range of valuable CPD courses, providing informed learning on every facet of water management in the built environment, from flooding and sewage to drainage, potable water and sustainability.

Optimised specification

The best installed outcome

To complement your own expertise, the professional team at our UK technical centre and Project Partners on the road are an invaluable resource. They can contribute at each and every stage, from originating designs, commenting on existing plans, validating a specification, checking regulatory compliance, performing calculations or simply answering a query.

Assured performance

Leading brands from a global force

From leading brands such as OSMA, Hep2O and Hepworth to innovative developments such as our AS low noise soil pipes, Wavin has a reputation for, and commitment to, total quality in manufacture, long life performance and future innovation. Wavin products are designed to deliver better performance, enhanced sustainability and lower lifetime costs.

Regulation & sustainability

Meeting & exceeding standards

Hitting environmental targets and meeting or exceeding regulatory standards are key to any project. We can help through a powerful combination of legislative understanding and innovative, high performance products. Gained over time, and in close partnership with regulatory bodies, we have an unmatched knowledge bank of legislative requirements in the UK and across Europe. That knowledge also shapes our products, which are designed and manufactured to meet, or in many cases exceed, standards and contribute positively in BREEAM assessments.

Value engineering

Eliminating avoidable costs

ActivPartnering is very much about finding the most effective and sustainable way to manage water. We work closely with our partners to eliminate avoidable costs whenever possible, seeking the optimum way to utilise products and meet the individual demands of each project.

End-to-end partnership

Complementing every engaged professional

Wavin’s involvement is always at our partners' discretion, but we believe that the earlier we are involved the more value we can add, as the project transitions from conception and construction to completion. At every stage, we can help to speed progress, provide qualified answers, resolve issues, reduce risk, sustain scheduling and lower costs.

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