11 August 2017

We are delighted to announce Hep2O’s sponsorship of BT Sport Score this season

From Saturday 12 August, Hep2O will be sponsoring the programme’s idents, focusing on the ‘unsung heroes’ of community football clubs.

Supporting the Unsung Hero

Community football clubs would not be the same without the tea lady who can’t make hot tea without the kettle working properly, the kit man who can’t keep the team’s kits clean without a fully functioning washing machine, the programme seller setting up shop whatever the weather.

We want to celebrate and support these Unsung Heroes.

So in addition, Hep2O is offering support to local communities and we’ll be asking you to nominate sporting/community clubs in your local area that need some plumbing help. We’ll then provide a fund of £5000 and product to resolve the need for one winning project. Keep an eye on our social media for the latest news on how to get involved.

BT Sport Score is shown on BT Sport on Saturday afternoons between 2:40pm and 5pm.

Find out more about Hep2O and request your free sample.

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