03 May 2016

Wavin launches Revit® piping packages

Wavin announces the launch of its new Building Information Modelling (BIM) content packages for plumbing and drainage. Built in Revit, these content packages contain intelligent assistance which help the Revit modeller to acheive a 100% 'as-built' design. 

Building Information Modelling

BIM is changing the way we design and construct. Participants in the building process are constantly challenged to deliver successful projects despite tight budgets, limited manpower, accelerated schedules and limited or conflicting information.  

BIM, amongst other benefits, aids in collision detection at the initial stage, identifying the exact location of discrepancies. The computer model visually highlights to the team where parts of the building (e.g. structural frame and building services pipes or ducts) may wrongly intersect. Until now mainly generic pipe systems were used in BIM projects. The limited availability of Revit piping packages and the complexity of picking the right fittings in a pipe system has been the largest hurdle to date. 

Wavin Revit packages

Driving this change for our industry, Wavin has created Revit content packages with integrated intelligent assistance. With this intelligent assistance you can reach a complete 'as-built' pipe system in the fastest way possible, significantly reducing time spent on design. 

The Wavin Revit packages will allow users to reach a fully accurate representation of the way piping systems will actually be installed; easily and without the use of product catalogs. The package also features a fully integrated Bill of Materials.

Wavin Intelligent Assistance

Wavin intelligent assistance makes the task easier by cleverly pre-programming design options. For example, in a waste water system several hundred different junctions are available. Each junction can consist of a single Tee fitting up to a combination of six fittings (see image below). 

Wavin has solved this most complex part in the design of a pipe systemby pre-programming all available junction options. All fittings required for the junction often are automatically inserted by only one mouse click what constitutes a major breakthrough in BIM piping design. 

Tips and tricks 

Wavin has created tutorials and tips and tricks videos on a dedicated YouTube channel, a training manual and training options for Revit modellers so they can quickly take full advantage of the intelligent assistance built into the newly created Revit piping packages.

The Wavin Revit packages can be downloaded from Wavin My Portal site.