Wavin’s BIM (building information modelling) Revit packages are leading the way in BIM models

Accurate design is not just a pipe dream

Wavin’s BIM (building information modelling) Revit packages are leading the way in BIM models for pipework systems by putting a new level of accuracy and efficiency at designer’s fingertips. The unique intelligent assistance combined with 100% accurate product models of pipework systems makes the packages a dream for designers to use with dramatic on-site productivity gains and reduced waste and cost. 

Wavin’s BIM is the only BSI kitemarked drainage package in the UK- a testament to its comprehensive qualities and detailed accuracy. With Wavin the design is as built so you can visualise exactly how the system will be built.

The unique intelligent assistance automates key aspects of the pipework design simplifying the complexity caused by restricted void space, the range of junctions, reducers, tees and pipe lengths, saving time and removing the risk of costly errors. Wavin’s is the only BIM pipework content to feature a visual accuracy check and its accurate clash detection helps to avoid mistakes. 


Wavin’s content is proven to be significantly quicker to use than others on the market, meaning precise models can be created in a fraction of the time and fed into the project earlier. A bill of materials for each model is created detailing every product and part code required. Extracted at the click of a mouse, it allows precise ordering with virtually no wastage reducing both deliveries and restocking charges. 

Onsite, the accurate model means that the installer can benefit from faster, hassle and error free installation for one of the most time-consuming phases of a build. It also enables early collaboration to reduce risk. 

We have been working alongside BSI to ensure that our Revit content is leading the industry in terms of accuracy and efficiency. We hope that these BIM packages will support our customers in embracing a digital future with all of the benefits that it will bring
Adam Salt , BIM Revit Specialist and Design Engineer at Wavin
Wavin Revit packages are free to download with a wealth of training resources, manuals and video content to help every user reach proficiency quickly.
Find out more or download the Wavin Revit content for BIM at bim.wavin.co.uk

The future of the construction industry is digital 

According to the United Nations, by 2050 the world's population will be 10 billion. The construction industry must look to smarter, more efficient ways to design and build not just as a means to keep up with global demand but to help create spaces that are smarter and more resilient for the future. The UK Government aims to create opportunities for the UK construction sector by becoming a world leader in BIM.  BIM is now a requirement on all UK government buildings and BIM adoption in the UK is increasing. BIM is a process that begins with the creation of an intelligent 3D model and enables document management, coordination and simulation during the entire lifecycle of a project from plan to design, build, operation and maintenance.