Clay drainage and Terracotta products

Hepworth Terracotta

Clay and Terracotta are extraordinary products. Their raw materials, preparation and manufacturing processes are selected for superior performance in the environment where they are put to work. Hepworth represents over 150 years of expertise in the manufacture of drainage, heating, ventilation and roofing products with sustainability and longevity at the heart of what we do.

Hepworth Clay

Fired to perfection in a unique production process, vitrified clay is a well-established material for use in below-ground drainage systems. Hepworth is the No. 1 clay drainage brand in the UK, with a reputation for product quality, technical ability and customer service.

The Hepworth Clay offer

Hepworth Terracotta

Hepworth Terracotta offers a comprehensive range of products for the construction and ventilation of domestic flue and chimney systems including a range of chimney pots, ventilation terminals, ridge tiles, and air bricks.

The Hepworth Terracotta offer