Hepworth Clay Pipes and Fittings

Fired to perfection in a unique production process, vitrified clay is a well-established material for use in below-ground drainage systems. Hepworth is the No. 1 clay drainage brand in the UK, with a reputation for product quality, technical ability and customer service.

Hepworth Clay pipes and fittings can be used for the majority of drainage installations. Whether it’s domestic, adoptable, commercial or industrial drainage you are installing. Clay’s main benefits are its durability and longevity, plus it has a good environmental profile from a raw material through manufacturing, installation, in-use to end of life.

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Features & Benefits

Superior Sustainability

Clay is a future-proof material, 100% natural and 100% recyclable.

Superior Quality

Hepworth SuperSleve products are kitemarked to BS EN 295-1, have a CE mark and Declaration of Performance (DoP), and are manufactured under a quality system approved to BS EN ISO 9001.

Superior Strength and Durability

Naturally high product strength enhances in-use performance resulting in a lifetime expectancy of over 100 years.

Superior Jetting Performance

Clay drainage’s resistance to high water pressure jetting means more blockages will be cleared first time with reduced risk.

SuperSleve pipe has a Lifetime Jetting Guarantee* 7500 psi at a flow rate not exceeding 20 gals/min held static for 5 minutes, providing a 50% higher operating pressure than the WRc requirement for clay pipes..

Superior chemical resistance

Hepworth Clay is completely unaffected by any effluent allowed in an adopted sewer system virtually eliminating the risk of exfiltration.

With a resistance to practically all chemicals and compounds that might be found in the ground, clay is the perfect choice when specifying drainage for contaminated brownfield sites.

Superior bedding performance

The natural strength of clay drainage enables recycled aggregate to be used as a bedding material, reducing costs and environmental impact during the construction process.

The savings can be significant when a full trench depth of granular material can actually be more expensive than the pipe.

Hepworth can advise on the optimum soil and ground conditions from geotechnical reports to establish when this sustainable and cost-efficient solution can be deployed..

The Hepworth Clay Range

Hepworth Clay drainage system comprises a range of perforated and non-perforated vitrified clay pipes supplied complete with factory-fitted push-fit flexible couplings or plain ended with separate couplings to be fitted on site. Nitrile fittings for installation in previously contaminated ground.

Bends, junctions and fittings are available in 100mm, 150mm, 225mm and 300mm diameters. Channels, gullies and Inspection Chambers available in a range of sizes.

SuperSleve 100-300mm clay pipes, fittings & gullies

for use in housing, adoptable, commercial, industrial, and road drainage



for use in constructed manholes



perforated land drainage system 100 - 300mm


Inspection Chambers

for adoptable and non-adoptable applications.



How clay drainage can benefit your next project

This brief overview of Hepworth Clay drainage, from raw material to finished product, highlights how its superior sustainability benefits the built environment.

How to join Clay pipes

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How to cut clay drainage pipes

This video will show you how to join Hepworth Clay pipes using couplings and lubricant for best results.

How to air test clay pipes

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Troubleshooting: clay pipe air test

This video shows some methods to troubleshoot clay pipe air test failures

Dismantling a Hepworth Clay pipe pack

How to dismantle a Hepworth Clay pipe pack.

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