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Social inclusion

About our program

Wavin has 45 production facilities throughout the world. Many of these are based in regions, mainly in Latin America, where potable water facilities, sewer systems and other crucial infrastructure are lacking behind.

Wavin is keen on supporting such regions in the development of these basic needs. Creating a positive impact for the community results in more prosperity in the area and an increase in local entrepreneurship. It enables Wavin to attract and attain motivated employees, support their families while securing stable conditions around the production facility. At the same time, Wavin is aware of the relevance of a diverse composition of its workforce. Being an international company automatically provides an international and culturally diverse workforce. Through our hiring process and employee promotions, Wavin is committed to fostering a corporate culture of inclusion and equality – embracing of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation and identity, and age.



  • Expand water fund projects – from the distribution and installation of irrigation kits to 9 sites (2025).
  • Increase volunteering and donation projects in Latin America and EMEA to 52 locations (2025).
  • Improve diversity hiring rate throughout the organization to 40% (2025).
  • Increase the number of WASH’N (Water, Sanitation, Hygiene & Nutrition) sites to 16 (2025).
  • Introduce the implementation of standardized data collection and conduct impact assessments.

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