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Introducing the Wavin StormHarvester system

The Wavin StormHarvester system features smart technology to optimise rainwater reuse and prevent flooding due to heavy rainfall. This breakthrough system allows you to use an attenuation tank for water reuse all the time and infiltration tanks in any soil condition.

This combination solution comprises Wavin tanks and StormHarvester sensor technology. The system aids the environment through recharging groundwater levels and lowering overall drinking water consumption. It also makes it easier to comply with flood regulations, minimises the use of below ground space and offers a fast payback time.

How it works

The Wavin StormHarvester system combines advanced technology with the best attenuation and infiltration tanks to take stormwater management to new levels of efficiency and sustainability.  

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Read all the details on how the Wavin StormHarvester system is the way forward in helping to meet challenges of a changing climate and urbanisation.   Download Brochure

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