Spotlight on Sewers & Storm Water Management

Right beneath our feet lies the foundation of modern society’s infrastructure – sewers and storm water solutions. But they have been left in the dark for too long, without receiving the recognition and attention they deserve. 

Now, they’re ageing just at a time when growing populations, urbanisation and extreme rainfall are putting even more pressure on them. To address the issue, we’ve created Wavin Spotlight – a go-to hub designed to pull important topics up into the light. 

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How do we create future-proof cities?

People are not supposed to see what goes on down there, under the street. Except people like us – sewer and storm water professionals. We know that making our cities future proof, starts with making the right decisions and choosing the right solutions.

What themes are coming up?

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Sewer performance

What does it take for sewers to run optimally?

You’ll find out when we put the spotlight on the topic in September this year. We’ll explore all the solutions available that can make a big difference to sewer performance.

Network design

Urbanisation and climate change mean we have to reconsider how we plan cities in the future.

Find out what solutions are available now to alleviate the impact of both challenges when we put the spotlight on network design. 

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