Solutions for Waste Water

Millions of people have no or limited access to sanitation facilities. We need to future-proof wastewater transport and make sanitation accessible for everyone. Most of our current products and solutions already contribute big time. The Wavin portfolio can be categorized as follows:

Low noise soil & waste Wavin AS+

Low-noise performance just went up a notch. Wavin AS+ represents the ultimate in noise reduction and performance. And that’s no coincidence. The Wavin AS+ is composed of unique high-density material, features specially developed noise reducing brackets and is perfect for buildings large and small. With its sculptured spigot and self-lubricated blue seal our latest AS+ is not just super quiet, but super fast and easy to install. 

PE soil & waste

When looking for a fully welded system, Wavin’s PE soil and waste range delivers. It offers secure and durable connections, a range of thirteen diameters up to 315 mm, and assured high chemical resistance. We can prefabricate sections for you too, for faster and easier installation on site.

Low noise soil & waste Wavin SiTech+

You expect more than efficiency and durability from waste water systems. You want them to be quiet too. Wavin SiTech+ reduces noise levels more effectively than standard waste water discharge systems. 

HepVo self-sealing, waterless waste valve

(Osma) HepVo is a unique self-sealing waste valve that permanently prevents the escape of foul sewer air into the living space. This noxious gas may contain viruses and bacteria which are harmful to our health and well-being. Journalist Danny Schleien recently wrote an important article about how solutions like the HepVo can prevent a virus from spreading inside a building. Worth reading. 

Local availability

To find out if these systems are available for your project, please visit the website of the Wavin company in your country by selecting your country via this link or via the menu on top of this page.