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Discover the new Wavin Sentio, a new generation of Wavin controls for H&C systems. The Sentio product family includes the Central Control Unit (CCU), extension units, room thermostats and sensors, an App and an intuitive LCD touchscreen, all to deliver comfortable heating & cooling solutions that are easy to install. Wavin Sentio offers the best solution in every situation because of its unique features and combination of products.

To fully take advantage of the benefits of underfloor heating and cooling typically requires advanced understanding of systems and changing a lot of settings. The new Wavin Sentio changes all that. By eliminating complexity and common problems through smart and logical features, Sentio makes installation a effortless three-step process that is simply a matter of Connect. Set. Go.

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The Sentio Package

Sentio Central Control Unit

Sentio’s robust CCU makes it simple to control and monitor underfloor temperature throughout the year. Whether it is heating or cooling, the CCU can maintain the ideal temperature by monitoring inlet and outlet temperatures and adjusting them accordingly.

Sentio Thermostat

The Sentio room thermostat and sensors are non-intrusive, intuitive and smooth, and displays information only when required. The display shows both temperature and humidity levels and adjusts light intensity according to its surroundings.

Sentio LCD Touchscreen

The personal touch screen is a portable display that can be used for all installations. The screen offers a high degree of setting flexibility and includes all programs and schedules. Configuration is simply a matter of answering some questions and if preferred, programming can be directly done from a laptop.

Download the software package here

Sentio App

Be in full control of your Sentio underfloor heating & cooling system and organize your indoor climate in the most efficient and effective way, Have the full functionalities of a thermostat and more on your phone everywhere you are. You do not need WiFi. Schedule the temperature in every room at the moment you like. Connect. Set. Go! 

 For Android devices, go to the Play Store  
 For IOS devices, go to the App Store and search for 'Wavin Sentio'



Room Sensor

Sentio room sensors offer the same functionality as the thermostats – monitoring humidity and temperature – but without an interface. They are a clever alternative for when controlling the system via the App is sufficient.

Extension Units

Should more than eight thermostats be required, you can install an extension unit to the base unit, adding an additional eight thermostat connections. There is also an extension unit available with additional two 24V and four 230V voltage free relays that lets you control additional functions such as electric shades, pumps and lighting.


Smart Radiator Thermostat

  • Control radiators together with a room thermostat for more accurate management.
  • In situations with both underfloor heating and radiators in one room (boost function).
  • As an actuator on a manifold to have wireless valve management and/or extending the total number of controlled rooms.

Wall box frame

For wired thermostats or sensors mounted on a wall box a matching frame is available. The thermostat or sensor can easily be clicked into the frame.  

Outdoor thermometer

For more accurate controlling of the system an outdoor thermometer can be added. Both a wired and a wireless version is available. 

Floor sensor

You can monitor and control the system based on floor temperature instead of air temperature by adding a floor sensor to a wired thermostat or sensor. 

External antenna

In rare situations where the range of the CCU is not sufficient an external antenna can be added.

Sentio Product Data

The color of the Sentio components is RAL9003.

Material Description Weight Height Length Width   EAN code  ETIM class
  Room Thermostats/Sensors


Sentio Thermostat Wired  70 g 20 90 65 mm 5708525532321 EC010927
3077024 Sentio Thermostat Wired & actuator  250 g 80 95 80 mm 5708525532130 EC010927
3077001 Sentio Thermostat Wireless  80 g 20 90 65 mm 5708525532338 EC010927
3077025 Sentio Thermostat Wireless & actuator  300 g 80 95 80 mm 5708525532147 EC010927
3077002 Sentio Sensor Wired  70 g 20 90 65 mm 5708525532345 EC010174 
3077027 Sentio Sensor Wired & actuator  250 g 80 95 80 mm 5708525532161 EC010927
3077003 Sentio Sensor Wireless  80 g


90 65 mm 5708525532352 EC010174 
3077028 Sentio Sensor Wireless & actuator  300 g  80 95 80 mm 5708525532178
3077004 Sentio Thermostat Wireless, IR  80 g 20 90 65 mm 5708525532369
3077026 Sentio Thermostat Wireless IR & actuator  300 g 80 95 80 mm 5708525532154
4063804 Sentio Smart Radiator Thermostat, Wirel, RA 200 g 50 85 50 mm 5708525532451
4063805 Sentio Smart Radiator Thermostat, Wirel, M28/30 200 g 50 85 50 mm 5708525532468
  Room Thermostats/Sensors Accessories              
4063803 Sentio Wallbox Frame  45 g 22 95 95 mm 5708525532444 EC010927
4063810 Sentio Floor Sensor Wired  180 g 20 100 100 mm 5708525532512
  Control Units 
4063796 Sentio Control unit, 8 loops, w/o cable  775 g 55 230 110 mm 5708525532376
4063797 Sentio Control unit, 8 loops, F-plug 825 g 55 230 110 mm 5708525532383
4063798 Sentio Control unit, 8 loops, G-plug  825 g  55  230 110  mm 5708525532390
4064446 Sentio Control unit, 8 loops, K-plug  825 g 55 230 110  mm 5708525574413
4063800 Sentio Extension unit, 8 loops 220 g 55 100 110 mm 5708525532413 EC010927 
4063801 Sentio Extension unit, 6 VFR 220 g 55  100 110 mm  5708525532420
  Control Units Accessories               
4063802 Sentio Commissioning Touch Screen  160 g 29 90 77 mm 5708525532437
4064828 Sentio Connection cable for PC  100 g 29 90 77 mm 5708525575878
4063806 Sentio Outdoor sensor Wired  135 g  35 90 110 mm 5708525532475
4063807 Sentio Outdoor sensor Wireless 165 g 35 90 110 mm 5708525532482
4063808 Sentio Outdoor thermometer  40 g  30 55  25 mm 5708525532499
4063809 Sentio External antenna (3 pin) 150 g  30 150 45 mm 5708525532505
4064150 Sentio Pipe sensor, strap on  25 g 35 80 55 mm 5708525575373
4064829 Sentio Servo motor 3-pos., 24V 250 g 85 122 100 mm  5708525575885

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