Sentio provides you smarter underfloor heating & cooling by focus on ease of installation and use, with the quality and reliability of


Underfloor heating & cooling with Wavin Sentio

Discover the new Wavin Sentio, a new generation of Wavin controls for H&C systems. Sentio’s ability to monitor, adjust and maintain an optimal temperature in different rooms throughout the building, ensures a high level of indoor comfort while minimising energy consumption. 

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Why Wavin Sentio?

Smarter underfloor heating & cooling by focus on ease of installation and use, with the quality and reliability of Wavin.  Connect, Set, Go!

✔ Connect: Logical Installation

✔ Set: Effortless Configuration

✔ Go: Smart Usability

Watch the Sentio video and experience how ease of use can still be reliant with the quality of Wavin.

The Sentio product package

The Sentio product family includes the Central Control Unit (CCU), extension units, room thermostats and sensors, an App for remote control and an intuitive LCD touchscreen, all to deliver comfortable heating & cooling solutions that are easy to install. By eliminating complexity and common problems through smart and logical features, Sentio makes installation an effortless three-step process that is simply a matter of: Connect. Set. Go.  Find out more about the products and services in the Sentio Package here.


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Find the most used and downloaded documents here. More video's and documents can be found on the Sentio support page.

The Sentio Product Package

The Sentio Product Package

Check out the full product package Sentio offers here.  Read more


Find support videos, FAQ's and downloads here
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