Thursday, August 31, 2017

Why you should take a young plumber under your wing

There is a shortage of plumbers and skilled workers. And in a time when the construction industry is booming, we need to encourage the next generation to carry on the torch. How can we do that? Wavin has a few suggestions…

Let's start with an example. According to UNETO-VNI, the Dutch entrepreneurial organisation for the installation industry, the industry is experiencing a shortage of hundreds of quality professionals and this shortage will only increase in the coming years.  As many plumbers are reaching retirement, installation companies in The Netherlands have lost up to 800 plumbers. Many companies are struggling to fill open positions. This is not only a Europe-wide problem, it’s becoming a global issue. Fewer young people are inspired to take up vocational trades. One of the issues is that plumbers get “a bad rap” – meaning that the stereotype of plumbers is that they only work on kitchens and toilets. The opposite it true!

The field is becoming wider, innovative and digitizing. You can think of solutions for an energy-efficient home, or special systems that control the sewers.
Titia Siertsema , chairman of UNETO-VNI (the Netherlands)

So plumbers, how about taking a young apprentice under your wing? Maybe even bring your son or daughter to work with you, so they see what a day in the life of a plumber really entails. It’s not just about fixing a leaking faucet. It’s so much more. Plumbers are problem solvers. They are also customer service experts. That’s why most people have their plumber’s phone number on their speed dial. These men and women are critical – not only for solving residential and commercial plumbing issues, but also for city-wide challenges… like drinking water solutions and wastewater management. The list is endless.

In the spirit of all things plumbing, Wavin is sending a shout-out to all plumbers to encourage the younger generation to take up this rewarding vocation. We’d love to hear how you think that these young people can be convinced to join the trade. Post your comments on our Facebook page or on Twitter. The timing couldn’t be better… for reasons that will become clear very, very soon.