Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Why BAM Infra prefers working with Wavin

BAM Infra, the largest infrastructure company in The Netherlands , has a stellar reputation for developing close partnerships with their clients, alliances and suppliers – so as to provide outstanding performance in relation to the maintenance, innovation and expansion of built environments. .And they have enjoyed a longstanding collaboration with one of their preferred suppliers - Wavin. At one point, this expanded into collaborative innovation: thinking of new pipe solutions, new pipe methods and better ways of working with Infrastructure. This is where BAM and Wavin have really come together. This way of thinking is now implemented at multiple levels within both companies - like, for example, the cooperation between BAM’s engineering bureau and the product development department at Wavin. The result? Great products and solutions. Let’s hear what Bert Doosje, Purchasing Manager for BAM Infra, has to say about it...

Wavin is more than one of our preferred suppliers. They keep us in mind and come up with innovative solutions that we can use in our projects.
Bert Doosje , BAM Infra

Problem-solving is key to building strong partnerships

It all began when BAM Infra asked Wavin to deliver a a 710mm PE pipe with a KOMO quality label – which was not yet available for that specific pipe. Wavin made it happen – arranging speedy certification with Kiwa, world leader in Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC). before the pipe was due to be delivered from Wavin’s product facility in Poland to BAM Infra’s client site in The Netherlands. Since then, Wavin continued to meet customer challengess – like arranging for the intricate transportation of extremely long pipes while ensuring timely delivery.
And the collaboration continues.

Wavin has developed and nurtured such collaborative customer-supplier relationships across the continent – which is why we continue to be the leading supplier of plastic pipe solutions in Europe. For more information on our piping products, or when you need a flexible partner to help you tackle a challenging project, contact your local Wavin office. We will think alongside you and, together, we will create innovative solutions to meet your needs.