Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Who beats the clock in sewer installation time, plastic or concrete?

When TEPPFA (The European Plastic Pipes and Fittings Association) conducted a practical test to compare the installation of sewer systems in August 2013, the results were crystal clear. Some might argue that TEPPFA is biased – in favour of plastic pipes. But when you watch this video, the proof is right there for all to see. Judge for yourself:

The test that TEPPFA commissioned involved two real-life pipe installation scenarios – one with concrete pipes and inspection chambers, the other with plastic. Each installation contained 90 meters of pipe and 2 inspection chambers – installed in a 2 meter-deep trench. 20 meters were backfilled. As you can see from the video, the plastic pipe installers didn’t have to struggle with a cumbersome installation of heavy pipes. The plastic pipes and chambers were installed easily and placed exactly according to spec. And the installation time? Not surprisingly, it took 1 hour and 53 minutes less time for the plastic pipe installation.  Additionally, according to "the performance of various pipe systems study", plastic pipe systems typically have substantially fewer leaks than concrete, making them far more sustainable and environmentally friendly. You can download the full study HERE.

Our plastic pipe wizards and innovators at Wavin are smiling broadly right now. Yes, we’ve known this all along. We’ve proven it to our customers and now we want you to see it firsthand. For more information on our plastic pipe sewer solutions, please contact your local Wavin office. Better yet, follow us on Facebook, where you’ll get the latest Wavin news.