Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Wavin’s BIM Revit content packages helps Norwegian designer Teknobad produce “as-built” design with precision and ease

A good product library can make an immense difference in the efficiency of a design – from concept to installation. Just ask the Norwegian designers at Teknobad. The digital library of Wavin pipe products has allowed our client, Teknobad, to synergise both engineering and manufacturing in their complete HVAC modules… for the first time ever. Using Wavin’s BIM Revit content package, Teknobad has significantly rationalised both the design and assembly processes of their bathroom modules. Every year, 10.000 ready-made modules are imported to Norway. And competing with international suppliers, they find that BIM Revit helps them work both smarter and more efficiently. 

Wavin’s BIM Revit flagship project in Norway reaches new heights

Wavin Norway’s customer, Teknobad, designs and produces pre-fab bathrooms, tech rooms and even kitchens for flats. The Wavin BIM Revit pilot project they made was a bathroom. With the help of Wavin’s BIM Revit content packages, they were able to design efficiently during production – and with exact measurements (pre-cut/exact cut). With 3D design, every detail is drawn, down to the smallest screw. It even allows for penetrations in the molded tire to be placed in relation to the rebar and joists in the building.

According to Teknobad designer, Alise Slotta, “Our installers report that the models match down to the millimeter. Using 3D tools to achieve “as built” documentation is not at all new to us. The challenge has been the product library. Often this does not correspond with what is available on the market, and that leads to errors and delays when the design is moved to the real world. The new product files from Wavin combine top of the range products with accurate specification, part numbers and documentation.”

Today, one person is able to accomplish what it took three people to do before. And Alise can attest to that. But, pictures speak louder than words.

From design… to installation 

There are efficiencies not only in the design phase, but also in the installation phase. When a design is complete, you immediately have a correct and complete material order. Previously, the planner had to extract information from the drawings and create the order himself, thus creating additional work and increasing the chance of human error. Now, however, everything is already automatically in the system. From design to planning, supervising assembly and production – they all work with Wavin BIM Revit content packages. The bottom line: less work, less error.

With the help of Wavin’s BIM Revit product library, everything falls into place perfectly – like a glove. Delivering and installing a complete bathroom happens in just a few hours. “Now we can complete assembly on record time”, says Teknobad CEO Ellen Knutsen, “and we will soon be able to supply 5 complete bathrooms per day!”

And helping Teknobad connect to better was the Wavin support team, always on hand to help familiarise Teknobad with the new product libraries. Wavin is delighted that our flagship BIM Revit project has been a resounding success. We look forward to sharing more of our customer successes very soon. Stay tuned.

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How to download Wavin’s BIM Revit packages

We launched our BIM Revit content packages in May 2016 in multiple countries. The Wavin BIM Revit files are country-specific. If you have any questions or if your country is not mentioned, please connect to your local Wavin company or contact person.