Thursday, April 21, 2016

Wavin signs international green trade deal on raw materials from waste

There is a global evolution happening right now. Its core philosophy centers on one simple principle: sustainability. Wavin, a world leader in plastic pipe systems, is one of the "partners" who signed the forward-thinking International Green Deal on the North Sea Resources Roundabout (NSSR) on 3th of March, in Brussels.

Ministers responsible for Environment and Economic Affairs from the Netherlands, Flanders, the United Kingdom and France, along with leaders from the private sector and environmental organisations (NGO’s), signed an agreement to form a platform to facilitate the use of raw materials obtained from waste.

The International Green Deal for PVC recycling addresses a problem that has been bothering the EU for some time now; recyclable plastics, like PVC, end up as waste all to often. These used plastics are difficult to transact internationally because, from a legal point of view, they have to meet different standards than virgin materials. A missed opportunity for the economy AND the environment!

We asked Richard van Delden, Executive Director at Wavin Group and Ton van der Giessen, Managing Director van Werven Plastic Recycling to share their opinion on the potential positive impact on the EU of signing The International Green Deal on the North Sea Resources Roundabout:

PVC recycling in the EU has the potential to prevent millions tons of CO2 emissions per year. A safe second life could be given to a potential volume of 100 million tons used PVC material and  8.000 EU jobs could be created.
The Green Deal provides the frontrunners in PVC recycling with a dedicated platform and connects the right stakeholders to make exchanging environmental and economical facts much easier. The process to explore potential solutions for the legal barriers that we are experiencing would also be dramatically faster.”

The Dutch Minister for the Environment Sharon Dijksma summed up its benefits: "To make our economy greener, I want to allow sustainability leaders in the business community room for innovation. And that is exactly what this deal does. By redefining what constitutes “resources”, and at the same time aligning the definition among neighbouring countries, things will get easier for businesses. This will benefit the environment and will add considerable motivation to economic activity between countries in the North Sea region."

By redefining what "resources" are, companies like Wavin will be freer to do what they do best: innovate!

Just as raw materials and resources can be recycled in what is essentially an environmental continuum, so can the economy transition into a circular system – where waste is used as raw material. According to Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs Henk Kamp, this "will allow the natural resources and waste management industry to profit from a growing market." 

For Wavin, this international Green Deal will be an important driver to furthering our mission, to connect to better.

For more information on The Green Deal for a North Sea Resources Roundabout (NSSR), go to the Greendeals Website or watch the Video