Friday, July 1, 2016

Wavin sales and marketing leaders “Make it Happen” at seminar in Rotterdam

On June 15 & 16, key members of Wavin’s global sales and marketing community gathered at the stunning, contemporary NHow Hotel in Rotterdam for a two-day seminar event geared to inspire and connect like-minded people with forward-thinking ideas. Mission accomplished. The theme for Wavin Sales & Marketing Seminar 2016 was “Make it Happen.”  And needless to say, it resonated well with this energetic group.  

The Wavin team kicked off the event with some friendly competition. On the evening of June 14, attendees participated in a table soccer tournament. Sporting attire in their national colours, they had a great time. The players of Wavin Italy and Wavin Germany made the finals, with Italy winning the trophy

Yes, team spirit is alive and well in Wavin. But every team needs a leader. Leadership, innovation and connectivity are core brand values for Wavin, and formed the blueprint for the seminar content.


At Wavin, we invest in our most precious resource: our own people. The seminars and breakout sessions provided a forum for interactive discussion and brainstorming. Attendees were given the opportunity to share customer stories, best practices, ideas and concerns. They were inspired and empowered. And they were able to gain customer insight right there at the seminar – from wholesalers (Saint-Gobain), contractors (BAM), installers (Unica) and engineers (Arcadis) – each of whom presented at the event.  We also had the honour of listening to the Port of Rotterdam's CEO, Allard Castelein, giving a keynote address.

Wavin is an industry leader. Good leadership is fuelled by the wisdom that there is always room for improvement, always more to learn. And that knowledge is how an industry leader stays an industry leader.


In the words of Wavin CEO Maarten Roef, “We should be the source of new ideas.” And indeed, innovation is always top-of-mind at Wavin. Our plastic pipe solutions are as innovative as they are sustainable. Our technology gurus think outside the box. We continue to raise the bar – and the proof is our product solution portfolio, our loyal customer base, the willingness to live our brand and to continuously strive for improvement.


Connect to Better is not a tagline, it’s our philosophy.  It’s also what distinguishes us from our competitors. That said, all of the seminar attendees agreed that there is room for improvement in how they connect to better through social media. They need to reinforce the Wavin brand in the minds of customers and end users. And since our end users (installers, contractors, engineers) form a large audience of over 1.5 million people, the only way to really connect with them is through a solid online presence.  That's why Wavin's social media experts dressed up as Social Media Doctors and put a finger on the pulse of the attendees – to perform an online health check.

Wavin Sales and Marketing left Rotterdam with knowledge, understanding and a clear set of action plans to implement in each of their regions. Most of all, they understood that although they come from diverse cultures and speak different languages, they belong to a wonderful, supportive and singular team. Wavin Sales & Marketing. There are no borders to cross at Wavin.

And as for living the Wavin brand, there are only three simple words to remember: leadership, innovation, and connectivity. Now it’s up to these newly-ordained Wavin brand ambassadors to Make it Happen.