Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Wavin presents modular Q-Bic Plus stormwater solution at London’s Flood Expo 2016

London’s Flood Expo 2016 (October 12th & 13th) is the largest event of its kind to present solutions to the epic flooding problems plaguing the world over. Industry leaders in flood prevention showcase the latest, cost-effective and efficient ways to prevent and manage floods. And Wavin’s innovative, modular storm system – the Q-Bic Plus – breaks all the rules... but for all the right reasons.

Wavin has a long history of innovations and “World’s Firsts” that have raised the bar in the design and production of plastic pipe systems and solutions. Our stormwater infiltration units answered the growing demand to handle peak rainfall and to masterfully control rainwater discharge – by directing it into the surrounding soil. And the Q-Bic Plus is our next generation system. It offers significantly enhanced design freedom, easy and speedy installation, and seamless access for inspection, cleaning and maintenance.

So when the rise in heavy flooding makes the news headlines this rainy season and the question “Are we doing enough?” comes up, Wavin’s response is “Not just enough – but  much, much more.”

Flood prevention – a number one priority

Winter is just around the corner, bringing with it the inevitable heavy rains that have become an annual event in recent years – not only in the UK, but across Europe.  In the UK, the Government has invested heavily in flood protection schemes across the country, which is a start. However, floods take an emotional toll on individual homeowners and small businesses. In many cases, flood damage can be devastating. And the financial cost for restoration is huge – regardless of whether it’s a single family home, an apartment building or a large commercial establishment.  That’s why Wavin takes stormwater management very seriously and developed a system that takes flood prevention to the next level.

Q-Bic Plus rewrites the rule book of geocellular stormwater management systems

So, why is Wavin’s Q-Bic Plus the ideal stormwater solution for urban housing developments and commercial infrastucure projects? The answer is simple. “Q-Bic Plus opens up a real opportunity for modular plastic geocellular systems to be adopted as part of the development drainage scheme”, said Martin Lambley Product Manager - Foul, Utilities and Water Management at Wavin UK.  “Its open structure allows real, workable access for inspection and maintenance, something which historically has been a barrier to such systems being considered for adoption.

It’s all about the modularity

Modularisation is the key. It helps with configurability, making the Q-Bic Plus suitable for a wide range of applications – from small domestic developments to the largest commercial applications. The integrated push-fit connectors help speed up the system’s installation by up to 50%, thus reducing the overall cost. After all, time is money. And the lightweight nature of the system adds to the seamless installation

Modularisation has become the buzzword among developers and architects. With the Q-Bic Plus, Wavin has paved the way for a buzzword to become an industry standard. 

For more on Wavin’s participation at Flood Expo 2016, go to the Wavin UK Facebook page.