Monday, October 3, 2016

Wavin Netherlands fills roof with solar panels for a more sustainable future

It can hardly have gone unnoticed. Some serious work was done on the roof of Wavin’s Headquarter in Hardenberg, the Netherlands, this summer. We are now the proud owner of 150 m2 of brand new solar panels, installed by DGB energy.

The installation of the new solar panels brings us one step closer to achieving our internal sustainability goals. After all, we not only supply systems that contribute to a cleaner and safer environment, we also do our best to work energy efficient and sustainable ourselves.

208 solar panels, for 15,200 kWh per year

It is mid-June, Danny Logtenberg, an employee of DGB energy, is standing on top of the office of Wavin Netherlands. It’s a typical Dutch summer day, with rolling clouds and howling winds, and it’s high up there. Very high. The weather leaves Danny unphased. With his obligatory harness, and his safety line firmly attached to the roof, he even takes time to chat:

"I am here to work for the Energy Service Company from the Netherlands, known as ESN. ESN is the installation department of DGB. We’re installing the solar panels here. I’m a solar expert and thermographer, someone who searches for bugs and defects in solar panels."

"The installation that we are placing here consists of 208 thin-film modules of 75 watts per panel. It is a so-called east-west installation. We direct 104 panels to the East and 104 panels to the West, thus creating a gradual generation of power throughout the day."

“The panels and mounting system come from a German manufacturer. The cables we use for the connections are all from a Dutch manufacturer. We needed a total cable length of 683 meters for the whole system."

"Combined, these solar panels generate about 15,200 kw hours per year. This covers a large part of the energy needs of the building in a sustainable way. When it comes to CO2 emissions, they realise a CO2 reduction of 9,130 kg per year."

Wavin, leader in sustainability

In the field of sustainability, Wavin has been a leader for years. Wavin Netherlands was the first in our industry to obtain the CSR Performance Ladder level 4 certificate. This certificate objectively demonstrates that Corporate Social Responsibility is firmly anchored in our policies. How do we succeed at maintaining this position? Wim Wind, manager at Dion Location Services in Hardenberg, tells us more:

"Dion Location Services maintains and manages the central energy facilities on the grounds of Wavin Netherlands in Hardenberg. Sustainability is a recurring theme at Wavin. For example, we apply a lot of LED lighting, and replace old heating systems with heat pump technology. The required energy comes from waste heat - from the Wavin factory in Hardenberg. The office of Wavin Netherlands already meets 80% of its energy needs, using this durable heat source. As a result, there is much less need for energy from traditional sources.

And we want to handle that energy as sustainably as possible. Therefore we are taking this next step and are installing solar panels on the roof of our office building. Once the panels are installed, we will need even less energy from the power grid."

Wim Wind continues: "The biggest savings in Hardenberg comes from using heat pump technology. At the moment, the same technique is also applied to the shipping warehouse. The project will be completed by October 2016. By then, we will achieve an annual savings of approximately 200,000 m3 of gas. That means a reduction in CO2 emissions by 355,000.

We own an energy monitoring system. This allows us to monitor the flow of energy in the all facilities in Hardenberg. By analyzing energy flows we can come up with even more energy-saving projects – like with replacement maintenance, where we test whether newer and more sustainable techniques are available. This way Wavin is continuously working on it’s sustainability."

After all, sustainability is at the core of Wavin's corporate value system. Whether it's our commitment to the environment, the community, our suppliers and customers, or to the industry as a whole.... we always, always strive to connect to better.

Want to learn more?

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