Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Wavin leads the way on BIM with new BSI Kitemark™


Wavin, the leading manufacturer of plastic piping
systems in Europe, has become the first (and, at this time, the only) company
in its sector to achieve the new BSI Kitemark™ for Building Information
Modelling (BIM) Objects. This certification has been created to help
construction manufacturers demonstrate that they have embedded BIM into their
manufacturing processes, and are delivering high quality, accurate BIM objects.

In this video we see Steve Skeldon describing Wavin UK's experience in gaining BSI Kitemark accreditation for our BIM packages. BSI are the most respected standards agency in UK and have recently introduced a scheme to help manage the quality of BIM offers. Wavin passed with flying colours - thanks to all the efforts of our central and local teams.

“The Kitemark™ has been developed so that manufacturers can provide architects and designers with assurance that the BIM objects they are choosing for projects accurately represent the physical product, and the data has been verified, reducing the number of checks they will need to undertake throughout the project.”
Andy Butterfield , Director of Built Environment, Product Certification at BSI

Launched by the business standards company BSI (British Standards Institution) in July, the new Kitemark™ certification validates that all Wavin digital BIM objects are accurate representations of their respective physical versions. For specifiers, this helps streamline the process from ‘as designed’ to ‘as built’ and increases efficiency on building projects. According to Andy Butterfield, Director of Built Environment, Product Certification at BSI, this new BSI Kitemark™ was designed in collaboration with key stakeholders from different industry sectors, such as windows and doors, plastic pipes, aggregates, fire, wood, steel and electrical products.

“There are so many providers of BIM services available and, since accuracy is everything for our customers, this new Kitemark™ will help inestablishing a consistent set of quality parameters for BIM product data.”
Steve Skeldon , Product Group Manager (Wavin)

Accuracy is Everything

According to the most recent UK Government Construction Strategy reportBIM adoption can lead to 15-20% cost savings when fully implemented. To accomplish this, accuracy is key. Wavin has the most accurate and easy-to-use Revit piping content packages in the industry. How? Two words: intelligent assistance. As industry innovators, Wavin has not only embraced BIM but has also developed custom BIM Revit content packages. With built-in intelligent assistance, these packages effectively eliminate any uncertainty in pipe design and makes specifying Wavin’s extensive range of above ground drainage products accurate, cost-effective and efficient. And we did this because our priority is to support and assist installers, contractors and MEP professionals in their Revit projects – from beginning to end.

The generic Revit pipe option cannot be used to make an accurate model of a pipe system. Wavin’s solution is to ensure precise designs with intelligent assistance, so as to help our customers reach a complete 'as-built' pipe system in the fastest way possible, significantly reducing time spent on design – a win-win for designer, engineer and contractor alike. Revit inserts items which cannot be ordered. Therefore, we have a Wavin validation view template that shows these items after which they can be corrected. Furthermore, Wavin Revit families contain an accurate BOM (at one click of the mouse) for each of our ranges, including both pipes and fittings.

Accuracy = reliability

Wavin BIM Revit piping packages provides 100% reliable clash detections – so that any errors may be detected and corrected prior to the installation, thus guaranteeing that the pipe will fit in the required space (i.e. ducts/shafts above suspended ceilings). Other reliability features include:

  • reliable and accurate specifications by selecting the right system (product range), diameters and type of fittings to be installed 
  • Reliable drawings, which leads to accurate prefabrication parts 
  • Reliable ordering of the products, which leads to ordering and site logistic optimisations 
  • Reliable 3D model, resulting in maintenance savings 

It is indeed a great honour to be the first and only pipe manufacturer to receive the BSI Kitemark™ certification. What this means to our customers is that they can be secure in the knowledge that, with Wavin BIM Revit piping packages, their files will be accurate and correct – correct ordering, clash detections, site logistics and, consequently, generate the highest cost and time savings.

“Wavin were part of this collaborative approach and, by achieving certification to this new Kitemark™ has demonstrated its longstanding commitment to BIM. We’re delighted to have presented the team with this as the first plastic pipe manufacturer.”
Andy Butterfield
For more information on Wavin's BIM objects and how they can assist in designing an 'as-built' pipe system, click here.