Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Wavin leads the urban stormwater management dialogue with an information toolkit for community leaders, planners and residents

As Europe braces for what promises to be an active flood season filled with torrential rainstorms that threaten to wreak urban havoc, Wavin launches a campaign to engage city leaders, planners, designers and community members in a collaborative initiative to make their cities climate-resilient. More specifically – to help cities mitigate the challenges of pluvial flooding with solid stormwater solutions.

Traditionally, stormwater management (SWM) meant selecting an urban drainage solution, aiming simply at conveyance and discharge. It now extends far beyond that – to attenuation (below ground buffering) or infiltration, as well as retention (on surface facilities like ponds). All serve the purpose of delaying and storing stormwater runoff.

Why do we need an urban SWM toolkit?

Wavin decided to create an urban stormwater resilience toolkit that will help raise awareness of the challenges and solutions of stormwater management. Most importantly, Wavin wants to encourage community leaders and property owners alike to engage in a dialogue to create climate-resilient cities that are equipped to deal with flooding due to increasingly frequent and intense rainstorm events.

How is Wavin playing a key role?

A large part of such a transformative undertaking is the development of an integrated urban stormwater management infrastructure that will be resilient to the challenges of excessive and intense rainfall due to climate change. Sustainable and resilient SWM needs be concerned about water supply access and security, public health protection (from water contaminants and pollutants), as well as flood protection in densely-built urban areas with many (and different) types of crucial urban infrastructure. Resilience – in the context of urban stormwater management – should be a flexible, adaptive process whereby communities learn to cope with changing economies, societal needs and a changing climate. As experienced innovators in stormwater management technology, Wavin is well positioned to lead this dialogue.

What is Wavin doing to inform and engage key stakeholders?

Wavin has created an information toolkit consisting of thoughtful insight and proposed solutions, by providing stakeholders with an information-packed whitepaper, a series of blogs highlighting Wavin’s stormwater case studies and insight from industry thought leaders like Delft University professor Frans van de Ven, a flyer containing the tips and tricks to prevent urban flooding – as well as a press release to engage the media.

Be part of the urban SWM dialogue

We urge you to read the materials and join the dialogue. Engage in a green, progressive initiative that will change the way we approach the problem of pluvial flooding and, on a broader level, the effects of climate change as a whole. And, of course, spread the word.

Download the Urban Stormwater Management Toolkit here.