Thursday, September 1, 2016

Wavin launches Gear Up campaign for installers

We’ve been telling you that the best is yet to come. And here it is! Wavin has launched its Gear Up campaign throughout Europe, as a shout out to plumbers and MEP installers. 

Are you feeling lucky today?

Wavin’s Gear Up campaign will have many exciting twists and turns. Valuable information will be exchanged and the campaign will have lots of interactive activities… and the opportunity to win great prizes. The promotion will run for three months in participating outlets around Europe. Start dates differ per participating OC. There are instant prizes, weekly and monthly prizes — and at the end of the campaign, there will be a draw for the grand prize. May plumber's luck be with you!

How do you Gear Up?

To join, go to the Gear Up landing page of your local operating company. You must be a recognized customer of a participating builders and plumbers merchant during the 3-month promotional period. The merchants will display "Gear Up" promotional material throughout the campaign. You can obtain one "Gear Up" ticket from a participating merchant each day (to a maximum of 6 per week), for the duration of the campaign. Each ticket contains a Lucky Wavin Gear Code. Campaign mechanics and prizes differ per operating company.

Wondering what a day in the life of a plumber looks like?

Gear Up in Europe

These countries launch Gear Up in September! Go visit the local Wavin campaign site to find out more about campaign details and review local campaign terms & conditions:

Contact & Support

The Wavin  Gear Up campaign is country specific. If you have any questions or if your country is not mentioned, we advise you to contact your local Wavin company or contact person.  

Now, let's get you geared up!