Thursday, March 20, 2014

Wavin Italy opens Solutions Center

Wavin customers in Italy can now experience all that Wavin has to offer in a state-of-the art solutions center located next to the factory in Santa Maria Maddalena, near Bologna.

The center has a strong focus on Wavin’s innovations, with a meeting room designed to conduct training courses and an extensive showroom where practical skills can be trained. 
The Solutions Center project was born from the wish to improve our interaction with our clients. By this, we mean the willingness to accommodate our guests in an environment dedicated to them, full of good feelings and designed to provide them with technical training that will meet the diverse needs.
Emilio Rigiroli , country director of Wavin Italy

Experience our solutions

Inside the lab, you will come into contact with the many solutions company, aimed at four main areas: the scope of the Storm Water Management, or the management of stormwater which is crucial to avoid the risk of flooding. Another section is dedicated to products for in-house drainage, with soundproof systems such as Wavin AS and SiTech. Other systems on display are those for hot and cold water and surface heating and cooling.

We are extremely proud of this Solutions Center. The Center aims to be a place where our customers can receive a variety of information and new skills. It is also the ideal platform to showcase the advantages of our systems which have  always been oriented towards sustainability and technological innovation.
Maarten Roef , CEO of Wavin