Friday, April 22, 2016

Wavin celebrates Earth Day by creating a greener, more sustainable future

We have one planet. And its future lies with our children. Wavin is dedicated to the global movement to keep our planet safe and healthy, so that future generations can thrive. We take this social responsibility very seriously and have made it our mission to help communities in need – through green initiatives that help to provide fresh drinking water, sanitation and hygiene education to children living in countries where they are lacking.

Today, on Earth Day, Wavin is casting a spotlight on the commitment to sustainability - as demonstrated by our social performance, product solutions and ongoing environmental crusade.

Social performance

Access to water, sanitation and hygiene are things that most of us take for granted. Not so for the people of Burkina Faso, a West-African country located in the Sahel zone, close to the Sahara and far from any water source. Sanitation and access to drinking water are two critical issues facing its 18 million citizens. Wavin’s contribution to the The Unicef Burkina Faso project resulted in improved access to drinking water and hygiene in 20 primary schools and 10 health care centres, as well as the implementation of better sanitation and hygiene practices in 5 targeted villages.

Product solutions

Wavin’s plastic pipe solutions are sustainable. Lightweight, easy-to-install and reusable, these piping systems are used in a range of applications. At the recent VSK trade show in Utrecht, Wavin demonstrated just how versatile and sustainable they are, by showcasing their use in applications like indoor/outdoor sewage systems and drainage systems promoting water reusability. Wavin is the leading plastic recycler in Europe. But it doesn’t end there. Wavin is also an environmental leader -- committed to providing the most sustainable products and solutions possible, so that current and future generations can enjoy clean drinking water, energy-efficient homes, and safe wastewater disposal.

Environmental crusade

Actions speak louder than words. Wavin recently joined other environmental and economic leaders from the Netherlands, Flanders, the United Kingdom and France to sign the Green Deal for a North Sea Resources Roundabout (NSSR). This intelligent trade deal will facilitate the trade of raw materials obtained from waste. Up until now, incinerated raw materials like recycled plastic, lead and aluminum were treated like disposable waste and therefore untradeable. But, in fact, these raw materials can be reused. This international trade deal acknowledges this by redefining what constitutes “resources” and represents a giant step towards sustaining both the environment and the economy in the North Sea region.

Join Wavin in celebrating Earth Day and inspiring others to become engaged in the global movement to make this planet safe, healthy and sustainable for future generations.

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