Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Wavin asks: where have all the plumbers gone?

Wavin is wondering what’s happening to the noble plumbing profession these days. There’s a growing scarcity of plumbers, with further shortages in the pipeline over the next several years.

In March UNETO-VNI took the opportunity (on World Plumbing Day, no less!) to underscore this plumbing crisis across the Netherlands and Europe. Research by the OTIB, the Training and Development Fund for the installation sector, shows that in the Netherlands alone there’s room for 800 more extra hands (in 2016).

When taking into account the growing building market growth - at least 3 percent annually - the shortage will only grow, and many EU countries are facing the same issue.

Let’s look at what’s causing this serious shortage of skilled trades people. First “as many older plumbers reach retirement age, there are less taking up the trade” explains Uneto spokesman Dick Reijman. Young people are not selecting vocational schools as much as in the past. “There is little enthusiasm for the profession.” Mr. Reijman continued. “Some people think that plumbing work just involves clearing clogged drains of a sink or toilet.” This is a seriously limited image of a vocation that’s essential to our daily lives and health. Plumbers maintain municipal sanitation systems and update aging plumbing systems in the homes of elderly and retired. Wavins’ Push-fit Smartfix system is perfect for refurbishment projects that have narrow and restricted installation spaces. And  Wavin sets high ecological standards in construction from the roof to below ground!

Plumbers also do their part in construction of water and waste water systems for modern, energy efficient homes and offices. Our above and below ground technology is a big part of this growth with exceptional piping solutions like our Hep2o pipe systems, developed to work easily with both copper and plastic pipes securely and efficiently. From waste water solutions to water transportation solutions, Wavin’s technology provides performance.

Calling all plumbing tradesmen and women! There are so many connections to make for your future. With a new generation of housing construction, we need a new generation of plumbers to be the hands of advancing environmental proficiency as communities grow.