Wavin 4EM - Running Mates 2018

Saturday, June 9, 2018

And the running mates ran together… right to the finish line!

Congratulations to all 8,500+ runners who participated in the 18th annual Zwolle Half Marathon Festival or the Wavin 4 English Miles on June 9th in the charming historical city of Zwolle. 

This year, more than 100 Wavin runners ran alongside their running mates, 20 runners from PEC Zwolle and 50 children from out of the region of Zwolle. At this event, Wavin teamed up with “PEC Zwolle United” – a charity of the regional soccer team, PEC Zwolle, focused on improving the lives of children in Zwolle that usually can not participate in these kind of fun sports initiatives. Not only did both teams encourage each other to be fit, but they also led by example – teaching the young people to embrace fitness and good health. Watching the joy on the faces of these children was a delightful sight to see. Adults and kids alike had a wonderful time because, after all – team work makes the dream work!

Credits for the video to: Ivy Media

Next to the fun and charity objectives we have, we are also very proud to see our Wavin runners winning again! This year Guillaume Lorton won the 2nd place in the Wavin 4EM. And in the Craft business runs, with Guillaume, Marc Dekker, Milan Vloedgraven and Bert Jonkhans won the 4EM as a team. Szymon Fluks, Richard Dekker, Fabrice Vassal and Bert Schraa won a place at the stage as a business run team on the Scania Half Marathon! Great accomplishments!

For Wavin, this is a proud moment. We just sponsored the 4 English Miles for the 14th year in a row and 150 of our colleagues ran in this international running event in our hometown of Zwolle, in The Netherlands. The participation of Wavin runners holds much significance for us this year because we were running for a great cause – these special  children.

Maarten Roef - CEO Wavin - Fluent Europe
As a large corporation we form partnerships with non-profit organizations in the immediate proximity of Wavin locations. With the running mates campaign, we kicked-off a collaboration with PEC Zwolle United, to enable local children to participate in sports. The project was a big success!

Running Mates – young and old

Will you be my running mate?” was the tagline for our running event this year. As running mates in the Wavin 4 English Miles, Wavin runners trained alongside 50 children – their running mates – for ten weeks before the actual event. We, in tandem with PEC Zwolle United, wanted to create a positive experience for these children – to motivate them to keep running and encourage them to engage in sports and fitness activities. And we succeeded! Everyone had a blast! It was fun to see the kids wearing their Wavin runner’s t-shirts and wristbands and supporting the children with running shoes. Wavin was delighted to be partnered with PEC Zwolle United, whom we supported with a € 25,000 euro donation. Our donation will have an impact on the health and well-being of these young children who live in our beloved city of Zwolle – home to the Wavin headquarters.

Erben Wennemars, former speed skater and Ambassador of PEC Zwolle United
The running mates project grants children the means and support to take part in the Wavin 4 English miles run. What made it extra special is that, next to providing running gear to the kids, Wavin employees invested their time, by running alongside of the children during the clinics and in the race. It makes the children feel special. It’s projects like these that make me proud: proud of the city of Zwolle, proud of companies like Wavin and proud of PEC Zwolle United.

Also Arjan Jansen, director of PEC Zwolle United, who received the cheque, applauded the efforts of the whole team that made the event possible.

Team Work

One thing is for sure – Wavin knows what teamwork is all about. Collaboration is our middle name! So the concept of having a running mate (including these pint-sized runners) was welcomed with open arms. And it was an honor (and loads of fun) to collaborate with the PEC Zwolle United team of runners.

Dream work

There was much team spirit in the air and nobody realy cared about time and record, but more about togetherness, connection and striving to get to that finish — as a team. And we were also deeply pleased to be part of an effort to help a community of young people discover the wonderful world of sports.

Wavin loves to party!

Wavin and PEC Zwolle United runners, as well as their families and friends who cheered throughout the evening, all gathered at the Wavin tent at Grote Kerkplein, for food, drinks and entertainment. There was live music and fun activities for adults and children alike. Wavin celebrated with gusto at the After Party, which took place takes at the Stadscafe Blij.

Congrats to all

Once again, congratulations to all our runners and event attendees – as well as all the volunteers who helped make this festival a wonderful success!

Until we meet again…

We hope to see you again next year on June 8, 2019 – trained, fit and ready run! You can catch a glimpse of some of the event highlights and fun moments on our Facebook Pages: Wavin Group and Wavin Netherlands. (Credits for photos to Social Media dokters.)

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