Friday, December 11, 2020

The why in Wavin - it's more than just a job

What we do lies hidden deep within urban
buildings and the earth’s soil. But we grab every opportunity to explain why we
do what we do. Because our work matters and by sharing experiences and personal
perspective we shed new light on the cause. 
Which is why we’ve asked three Wavin employees to speak up about what
motivates them personally.

Michael Schuster, Commercial Director Wavin EMEA: 
Wavin as a company is big enough to matter and with that comes a responsibility to step up and do something. The United nations have pinpointed seventeen sustainability goals and we as Wavin contribute to at least four of those.’

Frans-Jan van Rongen, Global VP Marketing & Branding Wavin EMEA:
‘Billions and billions of litres of water leak away every day. It’s nice to be in the situation where you can contribute to real solutions for drinking water problems that occur all across the world.’

Tristan van de Pavert, Marketing Director North-West Europe:
‘At Wavin, we strive to leave the earth a bit better than we found it. Having a goal like that really helps to keep me, and many of my colleagues, passionate about the job.’