The versatility of Wavin plastic pipes: adapting a ventilation system to be installed underground

When Wavin Norway was contacted by Skorve Entreprenør AS to deliver Wavin DN1800 pipes as ventilation pipes installed underground for a new school in Kongsberg, they were excited to embark on such a dynamic, new project. In fact, an underground ventilation system (UVS) actually optimizes the use of space and eliminates the need for indoor ducts by placing the ventilation system in the ground. It’s an ideal application for schools, hospitals, factories and commercial buildings. Read more to learn what a UVS – done right – really looks like.

Wavin’s stellar reputation brings new business

Wavin Norway was contacted by Werner Øverland, Site Manager at Skorve Entreprenør AS, asking if we could deliver our DN1800 pipes as ventilation pipes installed in the ground. This would be for the installation of a pipeline from the outside intake/exhaust towers, which would provide air into the aggregates placed in a technical room in the basement. The project is a new school, Vestsiden Skole, in Kongsberg. Werner immediately thought of Wavin for the project because he had a good experience when he worked with us (and our XL pipes) while at his former company.  

The concept of an underground ventilation system (UVS) became a reality

Once our drawings and calculations were approved by the contractor and consultants, we were good to go.  With this customized UVS, both the intake and exhaust are taken into the building via a “manifold pipe” where 5 Wavin DN1000s connect the outside trenched DN1800 pipe with the technical room inside. All parties were delighted that everything fit perfectly and the installation went very smoothly. As you can see from the photo (above) Wavin DN1800 pipes are made as long as possible transport-wise – with lengths up to 16,5 meters. They are gigantic! The whole system is welded on site, and this is made easy with the integrated electrofusion sockets on the XL pipes – an additional option on our standard pipes. Welding secures the tensile strength and ensures that there are absolutely no air leakages. The first day of installation is when we see the project come together. Take a look at the photo's below to get an impression of the first day of installation.  
The project is now installed 50% and the second manifold has just been delivered.

Plastic pipes can be used for so many things

There is huge untapped potential in these types of projects. Wholesalers tend to not be aware of the usage of plastic pipes for the purpose of installing an underground ventilation system. One of the greatest benefits of using plastic pipes for such an application – in addition to optimizing space – can be summed up in one word: longevity. Wavin DN1800 pipes have demonstrated a longer life span by eliminating weldtear and delamination. In this particular school project, the system was used in a new construction. However, an underground ventilation system may also be used in the renovation of existing buildings.      

Want to learn more?

For more information on the versatility and usability of Wavin’s piping solutions, please contact your local Wavin office. And for the latest news on Wavin, check out our website. We have a lot of exciting customer projects in the works and many stories to share with you!