The United Nations of Wavin run for UNICEF’s Plastic Bricks innovation project at the 2019 Zwolse Half Marathon

On Saturday, June 15, 2019, one of the largest international running events in Europe will host runners from across the globe. Each year, approximately 10,000 athletes run through the historic town center of Zwolle (in the Netherlands) as the sun sets in the sky. And for the 15th year in a row, Wavin is sponsoring the Wavin 4 English Miles – a key part of the annual Zwolse Half Marathon festival. This year, more than 150 Wavin runners from across Europe will be lacing up their sneakers to run for a great cause – the Plastic Bricks Innovation Project from UNICEF.

A World Class Event

Very soon the beautiful, historic town center of Zwolle – home to Wavin’s Head Office – will be welcoming 10,000+ local and international participants, including some of the world’s top runners and athletes. The Zwolse Half Marathon is a unique and festive event – filled with music and fun activities for adults and children alike. We are proud to be once again sponsoring the Wavin 4 English Miles (4EM) run and look forward to cheering on our Wavin runners who represent our offices throughout Europe – the “United Nations of Wavin”! Together, all 150 colleagues, will run for UNICEF’s Plastic Bricks project. We will donate 50.000 EURO to the Plastic Bricks project. 

The Plastic Bricks Innovation Project

The West African Ivory Coast has a huge waste problem. A large percentage of the region’s life-threatening malaria and pneumonia cases in children are due to improper waste management. And only a very small percentage of the plastic is recycled.  Inspired by this challenge, UNICEF has started a partnership with Conceptos Plasticos, a social enterprise that can transform everything from soda bottles to tubes into building blocks. They are then used to build classrooms – which are in critical short supply in the Ivory Coast. UNICEF supports sustainability, empowerment and education, using the innovative building blocks of Plastic Bricks as a sustainable threefold solution.

And for Wavin, as the European industry leader in plastic pipe solutions and recycling, this project is not only the perfect fit for us, it is also very near and dear to our hearts. That’s why we’re partnering with UNICEF for this event – in support of Plastic Bricks and building a better future the people of the Ivory Coast

Learn more about UNICEF’s Plastic Bricks Innovation Project here

Come Join Us or Follow the Event

Come join us for this wonderful running festival. You don’t have to be a runner, let alone an athlete! Just come and enjoy the event and cheer the race participants from the sidelines. We’ll be posting photos on Facebook throughout the day’s event – so make sure to follow us.

For more information on the Zwolse Half Marathon, visit the event’s website here.

We hope to see you there!