Tuesday, September 19, 2017

TEPPFA launches Discover Plastics campaign to highlight suitability of plastic pipe systems for sewer and stormwater applications

This major multinational awareness campaign, designed to inform and inspire the civil engineering and utilities sectors, celebrates the flexibility, longevity and strength of plastic pipes – not to mention their ease and speed of installation. Drawing on more than 20 years of independent research, TEPPFA (The European Plastic Pipes and Fittings Association) – in partnership with 4 National Associations – is promoting awareness of the natural suitability of plastic pipes for sewer and stormwater applications. And Wavin, as the foremost European producer of plastic pipes and connections, is proud to be playing a leading role in this dynamic campaign.

Maarten Roef, President of Mexichem Fluent Europe (Wavin is part of Mexichem’s Fluent Business Group) was nominated President of TEPPFA in April 2016. His mission, in tandem with all the other members of TEPPFA, is to promote the benefits of plastic pipe systems and shine a bright spotlight on the real life case studies from across Europe – by showcasing how plastic pipe systems have been successfully deployed in many challenging situations, and are continuing to function decades after their installation. He feels the bad image plastic has is completely outdated:

Take for example the lifespan of a plastic pipe, it can last for 100 years underground without leakages. Also plastic pipes can reduce energy consumption and can be recycled between 5-10 times. Altogether, there is no other material that offers that kind of sustainability.
Maarten Roef , President of Mexichem Fluent Europe (of which Wavin is part) and President of TEPPFA

Dedicated knowledge hub

At the core of this campaign is a dedicated knowledge hub  – a specialist microsite – which brings together the results of multiple wide-ranging studies into the performance and behavior of plastic pipes when used for sewers. These studies include the 100 Year Service Life of Gravity Sewer Pipes report, which investigated the effects of traffic loading and strain, corrosion and other factors on plastic pipes in both field conditions and laboratory testing. Independently reviewed by an expert from the world of academia, the project proved that a 100 year in-service lifetime could be confidently predicted for EN-compliant plastic pipes.

We know civil engineers are passionate about the quality of their designs, and by collating this wide range of compelling evidence, we can demonstrate that plastics display all the qualities required of a long-lasting sewer pipe system.
Floris Bordewijk , Wavin Business Unit Director Stormwater Management and Foul Water and TEPPFA Chairman of the Applications Group Civils

Discover: Plastics

According to Ludo Debever, Chairman of the Brussels-based TEPPFA, the campaign is focusing on “enabling specifiers and civil engineers to better understand the benefits of plastics as a valuable material for pipes.” What are the key benefits?

Performance plastics are light, maneuverable, flexible: the performance of plastic pipes makes for a more reliable, efficient and sustainable solution for sewer systems.

Strength plastics are a strong, flexible and agile material: using plastic pipes for storm water and sewerage offers means few defects and a long lifespan.

Flexibility plastics combine flexibility and strength: this blend is important to successful civil engineering projects such as sewerage systems.

Longevity plastics have been proven and tested: hidden beneath our feet, you might not be aware that plastic pipes have replaced traditional materials for many applications.

And as we strive to make urban areas more environmentally responsible and more resilient to extreme fluctuations in climate conditions, plastics are sustainable.

Campaign launch

The Discover: Plastics campaign was launched on September 18th in the United Kingdom and will shortly go live in Poland, France and Germany as well. For more information, please go to the campaign website at www.discover-plasticpipes.com/uk or www.teppfa.eu.

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