Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Smart Wavin Revit BIM packages help Engie Services build faster and without errors

Working with Wavin Revit packages took some time to get used to, but now Engie Services South rave about this extremely user-friendly Wavin solution. Engie has applied BIM Revit modelling for one of their loyal customers: De Meeuw Building Systems.

Engie Services South was one of the first companies to start working with the Wavin BIM Revit content packages.

"Of course, it took some time to get used to. In the beginning we needed training and guidance from the Wavin team. It was all so new and somewhat more difficult than the way we were used to working. But once we got through that period of adjustment and learning, we noticed how many advantages that working with BIM Revit would give us. You benefit in all phases of the building process – from work preparation to execution and management,'' said Rik Neyens, head of engineering at Engie Services.

Engie Services, the services division of energy giant Engie, applied the Wavin BIM Revit packages for one of their regular customers, De Meeuw Building Systems in Oirschot (the Netherlands). The project team of Engie Services South is housed at the headquarters of De Meeuw, a company specialising in unit construction for both temporary and permanent residences. For each housing issue, whether it’s a simple construction trailer or a temporary refugee center or even a hospital that should be in service for years, De Meeuw has a solution.

"Especially in the construction of semi-permanent units, this is a very pleasant way of working. In many of these projects, we can now standardize more by using Wavin’s BIM Revit solutions. The basis is always the same. But if you do decide to change something, like using a pipe of a larger or smaller diameter, the system immediately adjusts all couplings, tees, elbows and the like. As a result, the risk of errors and failure costs are much smaller,'' says Esi Mohamadi, BIM coordinator at De Meeus, on behalf Engie.

Not only designers benefit from this "as-built” software. The new method will also have an effect on the shop floor. "If a design is finished, you also have the full bill of materials, as well. Previously, the planner had to get the information from drawings and then create the bill of materials lists himself – all additional work and time spent, with the possibility of errors," said Rik. BIM Revit also rolls-out the right saw length for waste water pipes, which means fewer calculations are needed and therefore less opportunity for mistakes. 

From designer to planner, supervisor to the assembly and production team – they all now work with Wavin Revit BIM packages.

From work preparation to implementation and management, we benefit from Wavin BIM Revit in every phase of the project.
Rik Neyens , head of Engineering for Engie Services

"Additionally," Rik continues, “information is always up to date. If a part number changes, or new products are added, we see that on the computer. It is also useful in the management of a building, and very convenient in the case of a later renovation or expansion. Wavin BIM is always up-to-date and that saves us a lot of time – in all phases of construction."

And Wavin NL couldn’t be happier. There is nothing more rewarding then connecting clients with better solutions so that they can do their job easily, quickly and with stellar results. Below the end result: Tante (Auntie) Louise a elderly care home!