Monday, October 31, 2016

Plumbing horror stories that will shock you

In the spirit of our GEAR UP plumbing campaign, Wavin is celebrating Halloween by recounting some of the scariest, most disgusting plumbing tales ever told. They are guaranteed to make you think twice before you ever decide to try and tackle a plumbing nightmare on your own. These stories will make you appreciate and respect your plumber, because he or she is – after all – a superhero! Who else could handle the scariest and nastiest of jobs? That’s right. Only your plumber can.

At Wavin, we love a good story. So, in the spirit of Halloween (and all the ghosts and goblins), we asked plumbers to share some of their scariest (and creepiest) plumbing stories. These are not tales for the faint of heart, so prepare to be shocked, disgusted and maybe even amused (for those of you with a macabre sense of humour).

Beware of creatures that hide in strange places…

… like a family of coackroaches taking up residence in your kitchen sink pipe, 
… the snake that you didn’t know was sleeping in your  toilet, until you tried to flush, 
… the big, scary, ugly spider that laid eggs inside your bathtub drain, 
… and the huge (so huge, he must be on steroids!), beady-eyed rat that enjoys the “hotel accomodations” at the back of your washer and dryer in the laundry room. 

That’s when you’ll want to call your plumber. Since plumbers work 24/7, they’ll arrive much faster than the pest exterminator will!

And then there are all those dead bodies…

… the women plumbers @Stopcocks told us that one of their own (Petra) went to fix a smelly leak in the toilet and found a decomposing mouse behind the basin, 

… and another @Stopcocks plumber found that a whole chicken carcass count was the cause of the blocked toilet that she was sent out to fix! 

… Hattie (from @Stopcocks) was going into a loft and put her hands in the hatch, and felt the fur of a dead rat.

Things that light up in the dark…

… plumber Julie Street said: “One time I went up into a loft and the bulb failed in my torch, leaving me in total darkness. As I crawled carefully along a joist to the loft hatch, an eerie green face loomed out at me – causing me to almost fall through the hatch in fright. It turned out to be a big luminous statue of the Virgin Mary…”

Things that go bump in the night…

… can be heard and seen in the deep, murky depths of urban sewers and underground tunnels and subways.   

Many a plumber or contractor has whispered stories of apparitions and ghost encounters. Fact or fiction? You be the judge

Horror stories with a twist…

… can be so subjective, since plumbers define “scary” in many different ways, like (for example) a plumbing job where everything falls apart or makes a nasty, dirty mess. These are the “jobs from Hell.” 

… like the story one plumber told us: “I was doing a soil stack a while back, and the painter on site really needed to use the toilet. I told him ‘Give me 30 minutes and I’ll be finished.’ But could he wait? Nope… he jumped on the toilet and did his business, then proceeded to flush the toilet with the unfinished soil stack… and next thing we know, his business is all over the back yard!” 

… and another plumber said: “Got called out to a job to fix a leaking flexi onto a tap. Obviously, I went to turn the isolator off first, then went to undo the nut and it started spraying, so naturally I went to tighten it and then it just suddenly burst. The isolator was broken and I couldn’t find the stop tap anywhere. Went to turn it off on the road and it was full of muck. So I’m there digging for my life, while water is spraying full bore into the bathroom. Let’s just say I’m glad it was a bungalow.” 

Wavin would like to thank all the plumbers who have shared their stories with us. Do tell us more of your plumbing horror stories on our Facebook page or via Twitter. We are dying (no pun intended) to hear from you! 

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