Monday, September 10, 2018

PlasticRoad goes viral on social media!

When news came out that KWS (a VolkerWessels company), Wavin and Total were joining forces to develop a PlasticRoad prototype, the social media channels exploded with positive feedback. The response has been overwhelming. “We expected that many people would be curious to know the story, but never in a million years could we have predicted what happened next” said Anne Koudstaal of KWS.

The power of social media is amazing. And when people read about something that resonates with them, they respond in kind. That’s precisely what happened when word got out about the PlasticRoad concept and pilot project – a bicycle path made from recycled plastic. People today are very enlightened and environmentally conscious. That’s why this novel idea of a plastic road has hit home with so many.  But numbers speak louder than words. Just have a look:

On Facebook:
88 million views… and counting.

The news was picked up by many sources like David Wolfe and the LADbible on Facebook – resulting in millions of views within a day. And if you do a video search on Facebook, you'll see these and many more.

But wait, there’s more! Just search for “PlasticRoad” and you’ll see the buzz it’s generating on the channels.

We are already looking forward to the grand opening of the first PlasticRoad bicycle path on September 11th in Zwolle. Keep a close eye on our social channels; you never know what can happen! Follow the PlasticRoad story on the Facebook page of @PlasticRoadEU

The PlasticRoad Concept

The PlasticRoad concept was conceived by VolkerWessels’ enterprise, KWS, the largest road construction company in the Netherlands. After studying some of the road-related problems that urban areas face – such as road erosion from extreme weather conditions and pluvial flooding, as well as the inevitable repair and maintenance issues that arise as a result – the idea of a road made from recycled plastic waste made perfect sense. 

The PlasticRoad “Dream Team”

KWS, market leader in road construction and production of asphalt in the Netherlands, decided to form a strategic tri-company alliance with two other like-minded market leaders – Wavin and Total.  Wavin, as a world leader in plastic pipe systems and with its extensive expertise in rainwater management solutions, is a natural choice as partner. Rounding up the trio is oil and gas company Total. For all three, sustainability and circularity are at the core of their corporate philosophy.

The PlasticRoad Project Launching Soon!

On September 11, 2018, the first PlasticRoad in the world will be unveiled in the Dutch municipality of Zwolle and, a few months later, at another location in the province of Overijssel. It’s a 30 meter-long bicycle path. So now, the concept becomes a reality. 

A Road Made of Recycled Plastic: A Revolution in Building Roads! 

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