Monday, May 23, 2016

Maarten Roef, CEO of Wavin, nominated as President of TEPPFA

Maarten Roef, CEO of Wavin, was nominated President of TEPPFA as of April 6, 2016. Who is this plastics enthusiast and what is his vision for TEPPFA and the plastic pipes and fittings industry?

Maarten Roef is a real insider in the plastics industry. His passion for plastics dates back from his first job at DSM, when he discovered the amazing capacities of plastics and the many shapes and forms plastics can take. ‘What would the world be without plastics?’ he wonders, as he points out what the weight would be of his mobile phone and car if it weren’t for plastics.

Most sustainable material

Maarten gets even more enthused when it comes to the contribution of plastic pipes and fittings to the wellbeing of people. For example in sanitation and water supply, but also in relation to sustainability. He feels the bad image plastic has is completely outdated: "Take for example the lifespan of a plastic pipe, it can last for 100 years underground without leakages. Also plastic pipes can reduce energy consumption and can be recycled between 5-10 times. Altogether, there is no other material that offers that kind of sustainability. Our industry is taking the lead in the circular economy and together as TEPPFA, we should focus on creating a greater understanding and acknowledgement of the part that the plastic pipe industry can play in meeting the ambitions for a circular economy.

Proactive towards needs of stakeholders

Maarten’s ambitions for TEPPFA are clear: ‘I believe we are a very innovative industry. The priority for us is listening to and acting on the needs of our stakeholders together more proactively.’ Maarten believes this needs to be done ‘together with all TEPPFA members’ and is convinced this can be achieved ‘because of the very strong TEPPFA team’. 

What Maarten brings to the table

In addition to his passion for plastics, Maarten brings 25 years of personal experience in the plastics and packaging industry. He has played various roles within TEPPFA in the last 15 years and as Wavin’s CEO he also brings the expertise from Mexichem to the table, of which Wavin is part. Mexichem is one of the biggest producers of plastic pipe systems worldwide and Wavin is a highly innovative company that is a frontrunner in recycling. Maarten is determined to ‘share his passion and beliefs with all stakeholders’ in the coming years.