Friday, November 17, 2017

How does the Wavin Certaro NS oil separator work?

Rainwater can eventually be converted into drinking water. But what about rainwater that reaches the sewers through a parking lot or gas station? That water will have to be pre-filtered. Arjen van der Ziel, Product Manager/Storm Water at Wavin, shows how our Centaro NS oil separator clears oil, sand and other pollutants from the water – in a smart and compact way. Have a look:

You have to prevent oily water to freely flow into the environment, especially since it only takes 10 litres of oil to make 1 million litres of groundwater unsuitable for use as drinking water.
Arjen van der Ziel , Product Manager Storm Water at Wavin

Sustainability is not a trend, it’s a human necessity

Sustainable rainwater management is a top priority in the Netherlands. And as European cities are experiencing heavier rainfalls and higher volumes of water – in tandem with rapid population growth in urban areas – it is has become a priority across the continent. So when you drain rainwater from petrol stations, car wash areas and garages, you should use dedicated oil separators. One of our latest innovations, the Wavin Certaro NS, is a class 1 separator that filters lightweight mineral liquids, like oil, from rain- and wastewater.

Large installation but compact product

The Certaro NS has a combination tank with two compartments (sludge container and coalescence filter) that are separated by a divider. As the video demonstrates, the system delivers state-of-the-art oil separation results – very well suited for projects with very strict discharge requirements. In fact, our Certaro oil separators are being used in a current construction project at Lelystad Airport, which is expanding its infrastructure. The car traffic on the airport’s 90,000 m2 large car park causes pollution in the form of sand, sludge and metal particles. In order to prevent a large amount of contaminated rainwater from entering the sewer, contractor Dura Vermeer (Infra Rural Projects) installed Wavin Certaro oil separators. The lightweight, compact nature of the product – along with its easy management and maintenance – made the Certaro the perfect solution. And as for its sustainability, well, the tank can actually be fully recycled – but that won’t happen right away because the Certaro NS will last for decades!

And while we’re on the subject of sustainable rainwater solutions, do take a moment to download the Wavin stormwater management toolkit. Join us in the effort to keep our rainwater well-drained and contaminant-free.