Friday, June 3, 2016

Heavy rainfall in Europe: Wavin's storm water infiltration units to the rescue!

This week we experienced firsthand how climate change is causing a shift in precipitation patterns around the world. As the globe heats up, the atmosphere holds more moisture and rainfalls become more intense. The challenge then becomes how to handle all of the storm water. What can municipalities do to control the severe flooding that happened everywhere in Europe this week?  

That flooding is a serious European problem is apparent when just following this week's news. We can't stop the rain, but we do offer foolproof local solutions. Wavin developed the world's first storm water infiltration units. We have built a significant reputation for breakthrough innovations in plastic pipe systems and solutions. Our infiltration units answer the intensified need to handle the peaks in rainfall and control the rainwater discharge so that it can slowly permeate the surrounding soil. Wavin's intelligent rainwater management solution promotes sustainability, while effectively reducing damage to buildings and efficiently minimizing the threat to public health and safety. 

With the Wavin attenuation and infiltration systems like Q-Bic, Q-BB, AquaCell and our latest product, Q-Bic Plus, you can create underground tanks quickly and easily. Wavin units are designed for use in locations where there are heavy traffic loads and where local groundwater levels are high. Made from virgin polypropylene, it is supremely robust and can withstand extreme loads. Our range of infiltration and attenuation modules fulfill every possible scenario -- from green zones with absolutely no traffic to locations with medium to heavy traffic loads. They are versatile, modular, and low-maintenance. These units represent Wavin’s unequivocal commitment to providing innovative, sustainable plastic pipe systems and solutions that deliver optimum performance - even under the most adverse conditions.

For Wavin, leading the industry with the world’s first storm water infiltration unit is a natural extension of our ongoing determination to help mitigate the challenges presented by climate change - and be a major contributor to the sustainability of our planet.

In case you are interested to learn more about our infiltration systems, please contact your local Wavin company and we are happy to help you along!