Friday, June 8, 2018

The first PlasticRoad bike path will be in Zwolle, the Netherlands

Vianen/Zwolle, 7 June 2018 - The PlasticRoad, a road made of recycled plastic, becomes a reality. The municipality of Zwolle and the province of Overijssel have committed to the first PlasticRoad pilot project. In September the first PlasticRoad will be constructed in Zwolle and in another location in the province a few months later.  The PlasticRoad concept was launched in 2015 by market leader in road construction KWS (a subsidiary of Royal VolkerWessels). In 2016, KWS entered into a partnership with Wavin and Total for further development of the PlasticRoad.

The first PlasticRoad in the world comes in Zwolle. The province of Overijssel and the municipality of Zwolle see great potential in the PlasticRoad as a solution for the challenges of the future as it pertains to a circular economy. Both parties are stimulating innovation to give entrepreneurs with sustainable ideas an opportunity for practical realization. By being the first client of these innovative entrepreneurs a new product can be tested for technical and economic feasibility.  

The road to the PlasticRoad

The first two pilot projects will be realized in the form of 30 meter long bicycle paths made of hollow prefabricated elements enabling water drainage and laying down of cables and pipes, with the exact final locations still to be decided. The PlasticRoad partners KWS, Wavin and Total have worked extensively on the development and testing of the concept to validate and optimize performance such as the load bearing capacity of the modular elements, the appropriate blends of recycled plastic and the three dimensional design of the road itself. In addition, research focused on the reduced environmental impact has been carried out. The positive results achieved to date support moving forward to make the first pilot projects reality. These pilots mark an important step towards the developing process and success of the PlasticRoad.

Anne Koudstaal and Simon Jorritsma, the inventors of the PlasticRoad and KWS employees explain: "After an extensive period of design, testing and development, we are delighted that the PlasticRoad is becoming a reality. Together with the municipality of Zwolle and the province of Overijssel, we as PlasticRoad partners are taking steps towards a more sustainable world with this first PlasticRoad bike path.”


About KWS

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About Wavin

Wavin is a leading supplier of plastic pipe systems and solutions. As one of the longest established names in the market, Wavin built its reputation on over 60 years of high quality and innovation. Wavin connects customers to better solutions for above and below ground projects in the following application areas: water management, heating and cooling, water and gas distribution, waste water drainage and datacom. Wavin headquarters are located in Zwolle, the Netherlands and has presence in more than 25 countries and about 30 manufacturing sites, mostly located in Europe. www.wavin.comWavin is a subsidiary of Mexichem: a leading provider of products and solutions across multiple sectors of industry and commerce, from construction and infrastructure to agriculture, healthcare, transportation, telecommunications, energy and more..


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