Thursday, September 29, 2016

Expert water management solutions puts the pedal to the metal for the Wacken Open Air Heavy Metal Music Festival

What does the leading supplier of world class plastic pipe systems in Europe have to do with an immense heavy metal music festival? And not just any music festival – with 86,000 international visitors, it’s probably the biggest heavy metal festival in the world. So where does Wavin fit in?

Music fans got a weighty dose of heavy metal at the Wacken Open Air music festival, held in early August in the small village of Wacken, Germany. Wacken Open Air (WOA) takes place outdoors, so weather plays a major role. Participants were treated to heavy doses of rain storms mixed with torrents of heavy metal sounds! That’s why Wavin partnered with WOA. Rain makes for mud – lots of mud, challenging the success of the festival. The more it rains, the more mud for fans and vendors. So that’s why Wavin went Wacken!
It’s about controlling the mud factor. As Oliver Otte, Head Building & Installation at Wavin Germany put it: “We are the experts in the fields of rainwater drainage and infiltration, ensuring that even in bad weather, the ground remains as dry as possible.” The infiltration concept Wavin developed with its engineers will keep access roads clear, while ensuring appropriate rain seepage into the land. The cooperation with WOA will bring impressive improvements to the coming festivals. The expert in infiltration of rain water, Wavin started with over three kilometers of specialized pressure pipes to supply drinking water, beverages, keep the shower camp flowing,  even delivering beer to the food tents. Proof right there that first-rate plumbing ROCKS!
Wavin took the opportunity at WOA to interact with plumbers, festival goers and make new friends. Christian Kemper, Marketing Manager of Wavin Germany, is still enthusiastic about the whole experience; together with his colleagues from sales he set up the Wavin booth camp, VIP treatment of the guests with barbeque and beer. During the night some customers changed the Wavin slogan "Connect to better" slightly to "Connect to beer" - this was the best way to understand why a Wavin pressure pipe network hit the customer benefit.
Know that any festival organization in Europe can contact Wavin to talk about water management solutions during your events. We gladly help festivalgoers keep their feet more dry without taking away the fun factor! Contact your local Wavin Operating Company and find out more about our rainwater management solutions.