Friday, September 2, 2016

Denmark’s Queen Margrethe to meet with Wavin as part of official visit to Favrskov

On September 7th, Queen Margrethe will visit the Municipality of Favrskov, where she will meet with the Wavin Denmark team, as well as the local townspeople and community leaders. Wavin Denmark is very pleased and honoured to be a part of the team that will be showing Her Majesty a versatile and active municipality in east Jutland.

When Her Majesty the Queen of Denmark visits Favrskov Municipality on September 7th of this year, the official programme will bring her to, among other places, the Wavin company - where she will be introduced to some of our technological innovations in plastic pipe systems.

We want her to experience our spirit

“Our greatest wish for the day is that when she steps out of the car, the Queen will feel the pride and spirit that we feel every day at Wavin,” said Malene Tang Stærk, Wavin DK Marketing Team Manager. “Wavin is deeply rooted in the local community, and the culture which we have built over six decades is worth a visit in itself,” Malene Tang Stærk continued.

It will be an enjoyable and interesting day

The team that will make the Queen's visit memorable certainly involves Favrskov Municipality itself, headed by Mayor (and host of the day) Nils Borring.  In addition to Wavin, Her Majesty will also visit InSide in Hammel, Favrskov Gymnasium (an upper secondary school) in Hadsten and the garden centre Knud Jepsen a/s in Foldby. The municipality has put a lot of effort into creating a local and eventful day for the Queen, and everyone will do their part to make this royal visit fun and interesting.

There’s a buzz in the air

The preliminary preparations are already well underway at Wavin, and even though most of the employees have just returned from their well-deserved summer holidays, everyone is fully aware that a prominent person will soon be welcomed into our midst.

Per Dollerup Mikkelsen, CEO of Wavin Denmark, has no doubt that a royal visit is significant for the company. "First and foremost, I'm incredibly proud, on behalf of Wavin and its employees, that we have been approached by the municipality and that the Royal House and Her Majesty have approved this visit without question. It is an incredibly positive sign for both us and the outside world. It indicates that the municipality has presented Wavin to Her Majesty as a modern company at the forefront of, among other things, rainwater technology which is of great interest at the moment, and she has found it interesting to hear more about it", said Per Dollerup Mikkelsen.

We want to show who we are

Wakin Denmark's CEO has no expectations that the company will sell more or fewer plastic pipes because of the royal visit, but he has no doubt that a visit from Her Majesty is extremely valuable in many other ways.

"It's significant for the community where it's very important for us to build awareness of Wavin. We will be able to show Wavin as being more than 'simply' a manufacturer of plastic pipes – and rather as an active, modern, and innovative company that is rooted in a large, international corporation – and with a lot to offer the local community", the CEO said. It will also be a great opportunity for Wavin – and other local businesses, officials and residents –  to build relationships that will benefit each other, and the municipality as a whole.

A day for all to celebrate

Her Majesty's visit is also significant for Wavin's employees across the organisation.  Malene Tang Stærk, Marketing Team Manager, has worked on the visit right from the beginning. She also sees it as internally valuable rel="noopener noreferrer" to the company. This event will bring together many departments, giving them the opportunity to do things that they don't usually work on together during a normal workday. The Wavin Denmark team is proud to have been selected to make the day a festive and professional occasion – not only for Her Majesty, but also for the employees and the citizens of Hammel. And they are getting ready to party.

Wavin will be the first stop on Her Majesty's route, after the reception at the town hall. The team is beyond excited.

Here’s what Wavin DK employees are saying:

Charlotte Fuglsang, Manufacturing Assistant:

"I was proud as a peacock when I heard that the Queen would pay us a visit. I have been thinking that we're one of those 'underground companies' – not too many people know about us although they use our products. This might mean that people in the market will know us a little better. And personally, I think that it's wonderful!"

Vladimir Velenderic, Mould Preparer:

"I think it's great. I'm looking forward to seeing her. I think that Wavin will be presented as a workplace which the Queen would like to visit, and I believe that that is important. I think that the employees at Wavin are very happy about her visit. It's not something that we notice a lot at the moment, but that will probably change - right now, we're just busy."

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