Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Crowds celebrate the best of innovation and plastics at King's Day 2016 festivities in Zwolle

There was certainly no shortage of music, dance and innovation at this year's King's Day celebration in the northeastern Dutch city of Zwolle, Wavin's hometown. Over 70,000 people gathered in the town square throughout the day, irrespective of the abnormally cold weather. They were honoured by a visit by the Royal Dutch Family who mingled with all the festive revelers, including Wavin's talented "movers and shakers" in Technology and Innovation. Wavin's SiTech+ trees, drums and dance props made of Opti-Rib pipes were center stage as musicians and dancers performed for King Willem-Alexander, his beautiful wife – Queen Maxima, and their three lovely daughters – Catharina-Amalia, Alexia and Ariane. 

King’s Day (Koningsdag) is a national holiday in the Netherlands, marking the birth of King Willem-Alexander on the 27th of April. Country-wide, street parties and market stalls were filled with locals and visitors alike, many of whom were dressed in orange – in honour of the Royal House of Orange-Nassau. Zwolle’s city center was the backdrop for the Grand Parade, focusing on regional collaboration and innovation.
Wavin’s technology and innovation was front and center throughout the day. The beating of large drums made of Wavin Opti-Rib sewer and stormwater pipes from Wavin Denmark were part of the live music spectacle that wowed the crowds. In fact, each of the Royal princesses received their very own Wavin-made drum (smaller versions of the big drums used in the show). Throughout the Grote Markt, there were dancers and acrobats performing with  plastic pipes, underfloor heating pipes and other Wavin products –  as props for their acts. The video below gives a good impression of the celebrations.
People (including the Dutch National TV Network, NOS) flocked towards the plastic tree made out of Wavin SiTech+ pipe materials – a collaborative effort between Deltion Zwolle College, Polymer Science Park and Wavin. 

In the picture: Marcel Jongedijk, Technology & Development Manager at Wavin Group and Mireille Kinket, Managing Director of Polymer Science Park.