Wednesday, October 11, 2017

5 tips to get more out of Wavin BIM Revit packages

 The Wavin BIM Revit packages make the design of a pipeline system a whole lot easier. Erik Reumer, Construction and Installation Consultant at Wavin Netherlands (and Revit specialist), shares 5 great tips to help you get the most out of these packages. Let’s have a look…

Tip #1 – Use Wavin’s validation view to ensure accurate design

When you draw a length of pipe that exceeds the lengths available in our portfolio, the pipe will turn orange. If there are multiple orange-coloured pipes in the "Schedule", click on "Highlight in Model" on the active "Modify Schedule / Quantities" ribbon. This will prompt you to the appropriate pipe length. Now you can simply add a connection fitting using the "SL" (Split Line) command. The colour of the pipe in question then changes from orange to the original color.

Tip #2 – How to deal with eccentricity

In Revit, a centric reducer is standard procedure when designing an in-house drainage system and you are connecting a smaller diameter to a larger one. The  Wavin BIM Revit package issues an alert (a red exclamation point) to indicate that actually an eccentric reducer is required in this location. Through “Properties” you can convert the reducer to the correct version.

When a smaller diameter pipe is connected to a larger diameter and a centric reducer is drawn in Revit, the Wavin package alerts you with a red exclamation mark at the exact location.
Erik Reumer , Revit Specialist at Wavin Netherlands

Tip #3 – Adapting multiple reducers at once

If there are multiple red exclamation marks in the in-house drainage system drawing, you can use the key combination 'Ctrl' and 'left mouse click' to select element for element. In systems with many connections it can be done even easier: click the left mouse button and hold it down. Create a selection box around the drawing, so all elements are selected. Through the Properties pull-down menu ("Common" under "Multiple Categories Selected"), choose "Pipe Fittings" to get reducers in the correct version.

Tip #4 – Easily adjust product preferences

Our packages are set to 90-degree bends and nodes by default. Via the "Routing Preferences", you can easily switch it to 2 x 45 degrees, for example. To do this, move this option upwards. This can be applied to any fitting.

Tip #5 – Quick connectivity

To get PIF with a socket connection , set "Default Types" from the default setting to "Socket Connection". If you want to remove the connecting sleeve again, simply go to "Properties" and reset this option.

Many thanks to Wavin Netherland's top notch construction and installation consultant, Erik Reumer, for sharing these tips with us.

Want to know more?

For more information about the Wavin BIM Revit families and to download your package for free,  go here. Additionally, we have a great selection of BIM “How-to” videos on our YouTube channel. We hope our Revit packages make your design job a lot easier!