Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Wavin Tigris M1 hot and cold multilayer pipe system makes history

The rue de Montmartre is a unique tapestry of historical and modern architecture. Old residences, timeless commercial buildings and modern complexes pepper the Parisian street that is one of the most vibrant and culturally-alive neighborhoods in all of Paris. Wavin is privileged to have worked alongside a large, diverse team of building professionals, as part of a major demolition and reconstruction project for a building complex spanning 12,000m2 on this beautiful, historic street.

It was a monumental task, but Wavin France and all the other stakeholders involved were up for the challenge. Wavin presented the Tigris M1 multilayer hot & cold system as the ideal piping solution for the climatic ceiling portion of the project. Everyone agreed. The overall restoration project began in September 2015 and took seven months to complete.

Out with old, in with the new

When it comes to heating and cooling systems in Paris, copper piping has predominantly been used as the material of choice. In fact, the installers take great pride in their welding skills. But times have changed and plastic multilayer pipe systems are becoming increasingly popular, not only because they are lightweight but also (as in the case of this particular project application) because they are easier and faster to install. Wavin performed on-site installation training so that the installers could understand, in the shortest time possible, how to navigate the fittings, pressing tool and piping. They were used to using heavier copper material, so installing lightweight plastic pipes was a new experience for them. And they were amazed at how much time they saved in the installation.

Thousands of pipes and fittings delivered on time and on schedule

6,000 meters of pipe and 4,000 fittings to be exact. They were delivered in six scheduled deliveries during a five-month period. The Wavin team’s close attention to detail and follow-up allowed them to be ready for when unscheduled express deliveries arrived, making the project run smoothly and without any delays.

Wavin Tigris M1 – a perfect match for such an ambitious project

The Tigris M1 is ideally suited for installation on commercial projects such as this one. The pipe’s inline circulation system enables a constant hot water supply for renovation projects or new-builds with narrow duct space. And confined space was certainly a factor to consider in this particular reconstruction.

This hot & cold pipe system comprises multilayer composite pipe and robust brass connectors in a number of diameters. For this project, Wavin used pipes with diameters ranging from 20mm to 63mm. The fittings incorporate the Defined Leak Function (DLF) that brings extra safety by identifying unpressed fittings.

Extremely robust, they use a double O-ring for extra security and require minimal push-in force. So, if an installer forgets to press, they are designed to show an immediate, visible leak during pressure testing. Additionally, the aluminum layer in the pipes reduces thermal expansion, making them comparable to copper – but without the heavy weight. The pipes are highly flexible and easy to bend and therefore there are fewer connectors required. The result: an easy, quick and cost-effective installation. 

“The most lightweight and easiest pipes to install.”

All of the features, benefits and advantages of Wavin’s Tigris M1 were appreciated by each of the stakeholders in this project. The installation went smoothly and now the rue de Montmarte has a completely reconstructed building complex gracing its neighborhood. The entire team of experts made sure to preserve the prestigious building’s historic features, while also seeing that it was fitted with a sustainable 21st century H&C ceiling pipe system.  And history has been made.

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