Friday, December 29, 2017

Wavin provides 2500 meter-long stormwater pipe solution for E18 road stretch connecting Norway and Sweden

For several years now, there has been ongoing work on the upgrading and construction of the E18 road stretch between the Norwegian city of Vinterbro in Akershus and the Swedish border. When questions about pipe sizes and insulation came up, Wavin Norway was brought in to offer up its stormwater pipe solution: Wavin X-Stream.

The European autoroute E18 runs from Craigavon (Northern Ireland) all the way to Saint Petersburg (Russia). Measuring an approximate total of 1,890 km in length, it also passes through the countries of Scotland, Norway, Sweden and Finland.  There are multiple PPP (Public Private Partnership) plans to build motorways on all remaining parts of the E18 in Norway and Sweden. The goal? To provide better access, reduce accidents and improve the environment. 

A collaborative effort

Wavin Norway is proud to be working on this project – in collaboration with the project’s contractor (Hæhre Entreprenør AS) and Norway's leading heating, ventilation and sanitation technology wholesaler (Brødrene Dahl).  Brødrene Dahl purchased Wavin X-Stream pipes and sent them to the Norwegian company Isoterm for pre-insulation. “To pre-insulate corrugated stormwater pipes was new to us,” said sales and marketing manager Aksel Ruud (Isoterm). “Most challenging was the effort to adapt and tune the spacing between the inner Wavin X-Stream pipe and casing which would be laid out.”

“Our collaboration with Brødrene Dahl and Wavin on this project has been excellent,” commented Vigdis Berg, district manager in Isoterm. “And having pre-insulated a few thousand meters of Wavin X-Stream pipes, we have gained many new and useful insights that we will take with us as we move forward.”

Wavin X-Stream will ensure surface water drainage along the entire stretch of road

Wavin creates solutions that meet people’s basic everyday needs: safe distribution of drinking water, sustainable management of rainwater and waste water, and energy-efficient heating and cooling of buildings. For the E18 project, good drainage and proper insulation are critical issues.

“For this particular project,” said Hæhre operations manager Kjetil Nyhus, “the advantage of the pre-insulated pipes is that we achieve good insulation throughout the complex. Usually we use polystyrene plates’ insulation on stormwater pipes going into the ground, but then there is the danger that some places may be adversely affected by frost (in cold weather). The pre-insulation solves this problem.  Additionally, when the groundwater level is high, the conduits are shallow. Therefore, it is important to ensure that storm water pipes are insulated as well as possible.”

All in all, Wavin Norway delivered 2500 meters of X-Stream stormwater pipes (with internal diameters of 315, 400, 500 and 600 mm) to Isoterm for pre-insulation. 

For Wavin Norway, it is indeed an honour to collaborate on such a large and significant road project. Helping people, companies and municipalities connect to better is a commitment that we take very seriously. For more information on Wavin’s stormwater pipe solutions, contact us at a Wavin location in your region.