Friday, November 4, 2016

Wavin/Labko bypass system fights oil from rainwater runoff at the new IKEA / Ikano commercial center in Tampere, Finland

As they say, the devil is in the details. Rain water management isn’t just siphoning off rainwater to prevent flooding and maintain groundwater levels. When you drain rainwater from roads, car parks, industrial areas and other public spaces, regulations also require the separation of oil, silt and other contaminants carried from surfaced areas straight into the environment. Heavy metals, combined with solid matter such as sand and dirt, are also carried along with the rain water. 

This is where the new commercial center in Tampere, Finland comes into the story. This extensive operation, developed with IKEA Group (who recently partnered with Ikano) is just one year old. The massive nine-hectare commercial center has roughly six hectares of surfaced yard areas, which includes parking lots for 3,000 cars. A six hectare parking lot requires highly effective solutions for managing rainwater runoff, so the builders looked to Wavin’s world-class rainwater solutions.
The Labko Bypass NS100 and NS150 systems were chosen: the oil separators by Wavin-Labko are highly effective, economical, respect green values, and are even manufactured there in Finland.
Wavin-Labko has pioneered the development of separators and wastewater treatment products, and has been manufacturing separators for 45 years. The commercial center’s planning chief, Kimmo Hell, of the international engineering firm Ramboll Finland, praised the teamwork that Wavin-Labko provided. The urban planning specialist said, “They have an innovative approach and the desire to develop their products. Cooperation with Wavin-Labko enabled an exchange of ideas…and different solution models. In this business, the exchange of ideas is of paramount importance…”
The installation phase was completed with the partnership of development and construction group Skanska. The site manager for Skanska, Tuula Ala-Orvola, explained that Wavin-Labko was selected on the basis of its functional benefits as well as its efficiency, both in the construction and the operation stage. Skanska representatives said “In our opinion, the Wavin-Labko price-quality ratio for separators was the best on the market.” That’s the WAVIN way – expertise and teamwork to help make their partners successful!